The Keys to More Sage 100 eCommerce Conversion Rates

By Ruth Richter • January 27, 2023

One of, if not the, most important components for online retailers to watch are conversion rates. In an ideal world, a customer would visit an online merchant’s site, find the product they are looking for, add it to their cart, and complete the sale. Unfortunately,...

Keeping Up with E-commerce Innovation: Are Your Platforms Up to Par?

By Ruth Richter • August 11, 2022

E-commerce is evolving and changing rapidly. Whether you’ve been an online retailer for some time or are new to the digital market, advancements in the industry are happening quickly and sometimes dramatically every day. In fact, according to research, the e-commerce market is expected to...
Close up woman sitting and ordering food online on laptop computer in add to cart function webpage.

Are Fulfillment Networks Right for Your Business?

By Ruth Richter • April 13, 2022

In our last blog, we discussed Integrated Payment Options for Sage 100 eCommerce. This blog is a continuation, with the biggest takeaway being: if integrated credit card processing is a requirement, it’s critical to verify the abilities (or limitations) for credit card processing before selecting...
Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce

Important Considerations when Moving to a Direct-to-Consumer Platform

By Ruth Richter • June 23, 2021

Business owners know Amazon is the world’s largest digital retailer, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that digitally native brands (companies that have only existed online) who branch out on their own may feel a bit like David battling Goliath in the online shopping...
2021 Sales Tax Trends

E-Commerce and the 2021 Sales Tax Trends

By Ruth Richter • April 23, 2021

Last year’s historic events introduced new and unprecedented opportunities and challenges for online shoppers and retailers. Consumers and businesses are still feeling the effects of the global pandemic and the massive shift away from brick-and-mortar shopping to distant, remote, and online retail. In addition to...
Fulfillment Networks

Fulfillment Networks – Are They Right for Your E-Commerce Business?

By Ruth Richter • March 17, 2021

Fulfillment is an important part of e-commerce and a big contributor to customer satisfaction. Whatever is sold online must run through a system to ensure inventory is properly stored, has the right packaging, and is received in a reasonable amount of time. After all, a...

Why You Should Consider Social Buying in 2021

By Ruth Richter • February 17, 2021

Social media is used by seven out of ten Americans, and by close to half of the global population. In the US, social media users spend an average of two hours and three minutes on social media every day. And, social media channels welcome more...

Four E-Commerce Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2021

By Ruth Richter • February 03, 2021

Massive shifts in the way we do business and how customers behave will carry over into the future, with many becoming the new pillars of e-commerce. Here are four e-commerce trends in mind for 2021. Video Marketing Remember the days of direct mail campaigns full...
e-commerce workflow automation

Boost Your E-Commerce Business With Workflow Automation

By Ruth Richter • December 22, 2020

E-commerce has been growing for the last several years and in 2020 it became a crucial part of the economy. With stores shut down to shoppers earlier this year and at-risk populations still reticent to be out in public for long, e-commerce has offered a...