Should We Move Our Sage 100 ERP to the Cloud?

By Ruth Richter • November 11, 2021

In the past several months we have noted more and more customers move away from the headaches of managing servers and infrastructure on their own and choosing a cloud hosting service for their Sage 100 applications. Our customers are expanding globally and working remotely, increasing...

Set It and Forget It: The Best Recipe for Your Data Integration

By Ruth Richter • October 06, 2021

As the days of autumn grow shorter and shorter, so too does our patience for repetitive and costly mistakes. The little free time we have in the day shouldn’t have to be spent on easily avoidable human errors, especially when automation is so readily available....
Sage 100 Integration

Sage 100 Integration Made Easy by Your Friends at ROI

By Ruth Richter • September 16, 2021

As the digital landscape continues to grow and shift, the need to integrate various systems in the cloud is becoming increasingly crucial. For Sage 100 users (or interested users!), we pride ourselves on the power of our IN-SYNCH® application which enables our customers to seamlessly...

Synchronized Skin-Care: Beauty Behind the Scenes

By Ruth Richter • August 03, 2021

We recently shared a blog where we introduced you to three medical supply companies who have integrated their systems using ROI’s IN-SYNCH® Integration for Sage 100. We described how this streamlined efficiency helps consumers feel more confident in receiving their medical supplies accurately and punctually....
Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce

Important Considerations when Moving to a Direct-to-Consumer Platform

By Ruth Richter • June 23, 2021

Business owners know Amazon is the world’s largest digital retailer, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that digitally native brands (companies that have only existed online) who branch out on their own may feel a bit like David battling Goliath in the online shopping...

Three Reasons to Consider Integrating ERP, CRM, and E-Commerce Platforms

By Ruth Richter • May 12, 2021

Online retailers know how important accurate and complete data is when it comes to every single aspect of their business. From customer experience to order fulfillment, inventory and so much more, integration of small and mid-size businesses’ ERPs, CRMs, and e-commerce platforms can help paint...

More Than Just T-Shirts: These Shops Share Statements

By Ruth Richter • May 05, 2021

We all do it every day—we get up, get dressed, and go about our day—but how often are we stopping to think about what we’re putting on and what kind of a statement that might make? What we might be advertising? What brands are we...
Data Integration

How Data Integration Can Help With Data Spring Cleaning

By Ruth Richter • April 28, 2021

Businesses can and should be able to drill down deep into their data, producing in-depth analyses and insights to try and make better, informed decisions for their companies; however, at the end of the day, those reports will only be as good as the data...