By Ruth Richter • March 18, 2024

Blog|Sustainability Is a High Priority for These ROI Clients
Sustainability Is a High Priority for These ROI Clients

As the newly-elected President of Green Bellevue, our community’s sustainability hub, being passionate about sustainability and taking care of the planet is top of mind and so I am always happy to meet new clients that share the same passion. We want to highlight a few of our clients that make sustainability happen in their business.

White Oak Pastures

white oak pastures logo

White Oak Pastures is a 5,000-acre, sixth-generation family farm in Bluffton, Georgia that became a zero-waste farm in 1995. It focuses on animal welfare, land regeneration, and rural revival. They sell a wide selection of high-quality beef, pork, sausage, and chicken products, as well as honey and vegetables. White Oak’s mission is to produce quality meat products while avoiding wasteful and destructive industrial agriculture techniques. Their “radically traditional farming” includes humane animal treatment, holistically managed land, and creative solutions to wastage problems. They provide extensive details about all these practices on their blog, encouraging both producers and consumers to make more sustainable choices.

When White Oak Pastures moved their ecommerce business to Shopify, their Sage partner referred them to ROI for integration. With their new solution, they were able to organize and feature their many products in a streamlined, attractive way. Shoppers have access to a feature-filled shopping cart and an extensive order tracking system. Jenni Harris, the director of marketing, said “Our replatforming to Shopify was a success! We are very happy with the Sage 100 integration and expert services provided by ROI, which I highly recommend to others!” logo, a division of Unit Liner Company, was founded in 1998 to sell backyard pond and water garden supplies. can provide anything you need to create a healthy, beautiful slice of paradise in your yard. A healthy pond can provide a home to various animals, many of which are currently endangered due to habitat loss. Ponds offer many resources to keep the animal and plant population safe, from the usual inhabitants to some more unexpected ones. And a pond’s plants are the foundation of its food chain.

Their business includes retail ecommerce, wholesale distribution, and a retail store in Shawnee, Oklahoma. When partnered with ROI to implement IN-SYNCH and connect their ERP and ecommerce site, the business tripled the number of orders it could process in one day—with fewer people. Randy Stewart, division manager at, is quoted in a success story: “Once the integration was done, we couldn’t be happier with what we get out of the IN-SYNCH solution,” said Randy. “The ROI developers were able to meet our specific needs and did a great job of communicating with us throughout the process.”

Backyard Nature

Backyard Nature Products logo

Backyard Nature Products began in 1994 as a one-man company in a rented storage unit. Thirty years later, it operates out of a 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, selling bird feeders, bird houses, and outdoor furniture. Backyard Nature Products is the wholesale distribution side of the business, with Birds Choice serving retail customers.

Backyard Nature Products’ goal is to facilitate and enhance customers’ engagement with nature and provide long-lasting products while promoting environmental sustainability.The company makes most of its products from recycled lumber and, in turn, recycles all its scrap material. In addition, they provide information about birding on their website to help amateur birders get started.

Through the power of automation provided by ROI, Backyard Nature Products has the technological support to continue growing over the next thirty years.

IN-SYNCH Can Help Create a More Sustainable Business

We’re so happy to partner with these and other clients who make sustainable products that help customers live an eco-friendly life. If your company is looking for ways to be more sustainable, IN-SYNCH might be part of the solution. By integrating your company’s ERP with its ecommerce website, many manual processes can be automated, saving both paper and employees’ time.

We can perform integrations, ranging from simple connections between e-commerce platforms and Sage 100 to complex, multi-platform, and B2B integrations. If you’re interested in partnering with us, contact us today.