Set Sail with ROI’s Seaworthy Clients This Summer with sailboats in water

Set Sail with ROI’s Seaworthy Clients This Summer

By Ruth Richter • April 08, 2024

As the weather warms up, your thoughts may be turning to your local lake, river, or ocean. For those of you who set sail during the summers, you may be starting to fix up or upgrade your boat for the coming months. Whether you’re looking...
Sustainability Is a High Priority for These ROI Clients

Sustainability Is a High Priority for These ROI Clients

By Ruth Richter • March 18, 2024

As the newly-elected President of Green Bellevue, our community’s sustainability hub, being passionate about sustainability and taking care of the planet is top of mind and so I am always happy to meet new clients that share the same passion. We want to highlight a...
snowboarder catching air

ROI’s Outdoor Sports Clients Use IN-SYNCH to Tame Their Data

By Ruth Richter • February 05, 2024

Spring break is a great time for an adventure. Whether you’re planning to ski down mountains, surf ocean waves, play a game of golf, or skateboard around your city, you need the right equipment. These ROI clients can help! Not only do these companies sell...
IN-SYNCH Provides a New Look for ROI’s Home Remodeling Clients showing image of the inside of a beautiful home with pocket doors, gleaming wood, and chandelier

ROI’s Home Remodeling Clients Provide a New Look for a New Year!

By Ruth Richter • December 27, 2023

It’s time for New Year resolutions! During this time of year, many people decide that their living space needs an upgrade. Read on to meet companies that produce a great selection of lighting, hardware, and woodworking products that can provide a new level of quality...
holiday foods, including sausage, nuts, and cheese on serving board

Elevated Cuisine Meets Elevated Technology Through These ROI Partnerships

By Ruth Richter • December 07, 2023

Are you looking to elevate your cuisine? If so, check out the foods offered by these amazing ROI clients. Not only do they provide delicious, high-quality food, but they also present a smooth, streamlined e-commerce experience. Such high-quality food demands an equally high-quality ordering experience...

Meet Our Customers Who Keep Your Smile Sparkling

By Ruth Richter • October 12, 2023

Going to the dentist is rarely fun. These ROI customers are passionate about improving dental care by providing high-quality dental equipment. Your dentist may even have used some products provided by these vendors to keep your smile sparkling. DDS Dental Supplies DDS Dental Supplies has...
modern kitchen with title "Decorate Your Home with Help from ROI’s Stylish Customers"

Decorate Your Home with Help from ROI’s Stylish Customers

By Ruth Richter • August 15, 2023

It’s always a pleasure to brighten up your home with a new decoration or piece of furniture. Sometimes, though, shopping for home decor online can be stressful and full of technical difficulties. Thankfully, the companies below have partnered with ROI to streamline and integrate their...
Optimizely: Using ROI’s Connector API for Sage 100 and Innovative Software

Optimizely: Using ROI’s Connector API for Sage 100 and Innovative Software

By Ruth Richter • June 15, 2023

If the different software solutions your business uses don’t talk to each other, your employees are likely spending precious hours doing manual data entry or transfer instead of higher-level tasks that improve the profitability of your business. Integrating your systems reduces mistakes, saves time and...