Tired of Uncertainty? Take Control with Digital Transformation and Automation

By Ruth Richter • January 03, 2023

For business owners, the resounding theme for the past few years has been “uncertainty.” This word pops up everywhere, whether in reference to consumer behavior, the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, inflation, technology advancements, and so much more— “these uncertain times” do not seem to be...
CRM Customer Relationship Management with globe

CRM & Sage 100: One Powerful Business Solution

By Ruth Richter • February 04, 2022

Most of our customers have hundreds if not thousands of customers to service and managing those interactions via a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) has become as important as the ERP to most. But if the two powerhouse business applications do not share data, that creates...

Three Reasons to Consider Integrating ERP, CRM, and E-Commerce Platforms

By Ruth Richter • May 12, 2021

Online retailers know how important accurate and complete data is when it comes to every single aspect of their business. From customer experience to order fulfillment, inventory and so much more, integration of small and mid-size businesses’ ERPs, CRMs, and e-commerce platforms can help paint...