eBay® Integration with Sage 100

eBay is one of the better-known marketplaces, founded in 1995 with hundreds of millions of active buyers. In addition to attracting buyers, distinguishing seller benefits include easy listing set up, free listings, and a simple fee structure. Sage 100 customers find the eBay marketplace is hard to beat for building brand identity, while keeping more of the profits. Buyers shop with confidence, protected by eBay’s money-back guarantee and the convenience of PayPal for easy checkout.

The customer shopping experience is greatly enhanced when accurate, timely information is available, real-time. That is where ROI comes in!

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Integration Points

eBay offers sellers access to their Application Programming Interface (API), so Sage customers can integrate eBay orders into Sage 100 seamlessly. The API also allows the integration to send the tracking numbers back to eBay to inform buyers and to keep the eBay platform matching the inventory quantities on hand in Sage 100.

The following are touch points that are available with an eBay integration:

Orders, Customers to Sage 100

Tracking, Order Status, Inventory Quantities to eBay

Connect With confidence

Developed with our Sage Gold Tech Partner license, IN-SYNCH® is a Sage 100 installed application that provides real-time, bidirectional data synchronization with eBay. We can accommodate customers using just about any version of Sage 100 and its predecessors. IN-SYNCH is a flexible tool that can be used for multiple types of integration needs—from just the basics to complex, customized systems.

Sage 100 Integration Beyond eBay

Our engineers can assess the solution needed to integrate your Sage 100 platform with e-commerce sites, 3PL, marketplaces, omni-channels, third-party shopping carts, custom sites or databases, and any other system. Because we completely understand the Sage 100 file structure and how to integrate using the third-party API, we can perform most any type of integration necessary for Sage 100 customers.

We specialize in Sage 100 process automation, from intercompany transactions to tokenized credit card integration. IN-SYNCH is infinitely versatile, able to be expanded into complex solutions that will pay dividends in return on your investment.

Sage 100 for eBay

Features & Benefits of Our Integration Solution

  • Proven – Our solutions are proven and mature, no bugs to work through, and you can rest assured that you will not be our “trial and error” project.
  • Secure – Data exchanges are initiated and controlled from within the Sage 100 server, making IN-SYNCH the most secure architecture possible
  • Bidirectional – Integrate and synchronize all relevant data between Sage 100 and the third-party system, whether the data originates in Sage 100 or the external system
  • Real-Time – Automatically synchronize changes and updates as they occur
  • Independent – The two systems run independently, so if one happens to be down for maintenance, the other system stays up. The two will sync up automatically
  • Lightning fast – Efficient data mirroring methods available for maximum speed

What People are Saying

Because the IN-SYNCH solution works so well, and integration is available to multiple shopping carts and marketplaces,
our customers have the freedom to grow business into more and more channels.  Many of our customers sell products
and brands through multiple online channels and eBay marketplace is usually on the list. 

SlipX Solutions, which is owned by Venturi Corporation, offers their bath and shower products via many channels including eBay’s marketplace, Amazon, and the WooCommerce e-commerce platform.  “We gained such efficiency with integrating that we are able to provide same day shipping for orders placed by 1:00 pm Eastern.  We wouldn’t be able to do that without real-time integration.” Adam Buchanan, former Director of eCommerce for Venturi Corporation.

Mountain View Services dropships incontinent supplies via Volusion, Amazon, and eBay.  “By automating the processes using the IN-SYNCH solution, our customers receive what they ordered, sooner than they expected it, without issues. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in repeat orders in growing quantities, which speaks volumes for the value of streamlined processes all the way around,” explained Bob McKee, CEO.