blue floating button which says API and further graphics showing connection tools

ROI Connector API for Sage 100

Using API technology, we can assist Sage 100 partners and customers in meeting just about any integration challenge there is.

Application Programming Interface, or “API,” is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing web-based software that allows different platforms to talk to each other. With API, software programs have an interface to allow them to interact effectively without any human mediation necessary.

With our ROI Connector API, we have created a series of endpoints that we establish ahead of time to allow companies to interact with our connector and the database, thus allowing the developer to now push and pull data via these endpoints. They can control the access without needing to host a database and they do not need to have extensive knowledge of the Sage 100 table structure.  The ROI Connector API for Sage 100, allows our customer’s developers to build new programmatic interactions between the various applications and their Sage 100 software.

The Connector API allows us to work with the end user and/or developer to choose the best option for architecture, requirements, etc. A hybrid may even be used as we have users with flat files that transfer along with an endpoint to connect with their solution. For example, suppose your online cart does not do customer-specific pricing. With the Connector API, your developer can ask for the price of 10 widgets for customer C100 and we can return the price that would appear in Sage.

Introduction to ROI Connector API

“Offering the option of the ROI Connector API has opened the doors to so many more customer projects. Our customers’ developers now have a tool that enables them to offer a completely integrated solution to their customers.”

Bob Richter, CEO, ROI