Walmart® Marketplace Integration With Sage 100

Walmart is one of the most recognizable retail names throughout the globe and is gaining traction on its marketplace, touting over 100 million unique online visitors each month. Many Sage 100 customers who are established online sellers tap into the power of this omnichannel giant to expand into new markets and gain the visibility of millions of buyers.

Walmart is continuing to expand offerings and programs for its Walmart Partners.   There are two programs that our Sage 100 customers have been participating in:  Walmart Marketplace Seller and Walmart Drop Ship Vendor (DSV).  Both programs require an application process, only marketplace sellers can apply to become a DSV. 

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ROI can synchronize the data flow between the Walmart marketplace and Sage 100, eliminating manual data entry steps that slow down your process, and provide critical inventory and order tracking data.

Walmart Marketplace Seller

Sage 100 customers who sell products on the Walmart Marketplace and fulfill the orders can benefit greatly from our integration solution. The following is the typical integration:

Walmart orders sent to Sage 100 sales orders

Orders coming in can find an existing customer by the e-mail address, set up a new customer account, or send all the orders into one customer account.  Since all the relevant data comes in with the order, there is no additional work on your end other than to process and fulfill.

Tracking, Shipment Update and Inventory Quantity sync to Walmart

Once the order is picked, packed, and shipped, the Walmart platform is updated with the invoiced shipping confirmation and the order is closed.  Inventory quantities-on-hand can also be kept in sync with the accounting system.

Walmart Drop Ship Vendor (DSV)

A Sage100 customer can also apply to be a drop-ship vendor. In this scenario, Walmart sells the products and pays for shipping while the seller stores and ships the products. The integration is similar to that outlined for the Walmart Marketplace Seller. The following are the typical inbound and outbound integration points:

Bring Walmart eCommerce Orders and Customer data into Sage 100 as Sage Sales Orders

Send Tracking, Order Status, Inventory Quantities, Standard Price to Walmart Marketplace

Connect With Confidence

Developed with our Sage Development Partner Gold license, IN-SYNCH® is a Sage 100 installed application that provides real-time, bidirectional data synchronization with Walmart Marketplace.  We can accommodate customers using just about any version of Sage 100 and its predecessors. IN-SYNCH is a flexible tool that can be used for multiple types of integration needs—from just the basics to complex, customized systems.

Sage 100 Integration Beyond Walmart Marketplace

Our engineers can assess the solution needed to integrate your Sage 100 platform with e-commerce sites, 3PL, marketplaces, omni-channels, third-party shopping carts, custom sites or databases, and any other system. Because we completely understand the Sage 100 file structure and how to integrate using the third-party API, we can perform most any type of integration necessary for Sage 100 customers.

We specialize in Sage 100 process automation, from intercompany transactions to tokenized credit card integration. IN-SYNCH is infinitely versatile, able to be expanded into complex solutions that will pay dividends in return on your investment.

Features & Benefits of Our Integration Solution

  • Proven – Our solutions are proven and mature, no bugs to work through, and you can rest assured that you will not be our “trial and error” project.
  • Secure – Data exchanges are initiated and controlled from within the Sage 100 server, making IN-SYNCH the most secure architecture possible
  • Bidirectional – Integrate and synchronize all relevant data between Sage 100 and the third-party system, whether the data originates in Sage 100 or the external system
  • Real-Time – Automatically synchronize changes and updates as they occur
  • Independent – The two systems run independently, so if one happens to be down for maintenance, the other system stays up. The two will sync up automatically
  • Lightning fast – Efficient data mirroring methods are available for maximum speed

What People are Saying

“Our business has expanded sales through multiple online marketing channels, including Walmart,
without adding additional staff by implementing a variety of software and integration tools.”
Kevin Lynch, Director of Technology, Flags Unlimited, Inc

Flags Unlimited, Inc., a small business that has been manufacturing flags and banners in Tampa, FL since 1985, has been maximizing technology in order to keep their human resources focused on their core business—making flags and banners. “Not only do we offer the latest technology in our art department and production facilities, we have successfully employed technology to drive success,” says Kevin Lynch, Director of Technology.