mock-up to represent 3PL and other fulfillment companies with truck, plane, forklift, shipping boxes, and globe in shopping basket

Pros and Cons of Using Fulfillment Networks for Speedy Shipping

By Ruth Richter • July 18, 2023

The pace of e-commerce gets faster and faster every day. Customers, used to shopping from huge online stores like Amazon, expect lightning-fast shipping times. Some will even cancel their orders if a delivery takes too long. If you’re a small to mid-sized business, how do...
fulfillment service

Pro Tips for Finding the Right Fulfillment Service Partner

By Ruth Richter • December 29, 2020

As e-commerce grew substantially this past year, many businesses have found themselves pleased with the success, but a little overwhelmed with getting orders out to customers. What may have been a light lift for a few orders going out during the week has turned into...

ERP Integration Patterns: What They Are and Why You Should Care

By Ruth Richter • October 21, 2020

There’s no doubt that there are serious financial (and non-financial) boosts to a company that organizes itself around an ERP. The challenge has been properly organizing and orchestrating ERP data flow. When data moves across systems, it’s not always in a standard format. Integration empowers...

Is Now the Time for a 3PL Partner?

By Ruth Richter • August 05, 2020

Over the summer months, different states began to reopen, and then some stepped back and closed again. What was originally a 2-week order to stay at home has turned into a months-long timeframe as governments, healthcare workers, and the general public continue to wade through...
Third Party Logistics

Technology Could be the Tipping Point for 3PLs Post-Pandemic

By Ruth Richter • June 17, 2020

Through the course of 2020, the landscape of the supply chain has completely changed. Enormous market shifts mean every industry’s supply chain has been impacted in some way, and many have been impacted in multiple ways. Supply and demand have radically shifted, leading to declines...

Supply Chain Integration: 3PL or 4PL?

By Ruth Richter • April 08, 2020

Third-party logistics—or 3PL—isn’t a new terminology for most. Initially coined in the 1970s, this marked the departure from transportation contracts that only featured the shipper and the carrier. Once intermediaries that could take the shipments from shippers and transfer them to rail carriers came into...

Four Reasons to be Fully Connected with Your 3PL

By Ruth Richter • September 11, 2018

Only a scant five years ago, research found that 46 percent of US Fortune 500 companies partnered with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider for supply chain services and outsourced logistics. That sounds pretty promising for 3PL providers. The growth since then has been even more...

Driven by IN-SYNCH: How 3pl Providers Leverage Sage 100 Integration

By Ruth Richter • July 03, 2018

There’s no question that computers and the internet have increased the speed of business exponentially. Communication is nearly instantaneous, not only between people, but now between programs, as well. With different software’s ability to integrate with other programs and platforms, information can transfer between systems...

4 Steps to Ensure Success with New 3PL

By Ruth Richter • June 05, 2018

Many companies choose to handle distribution and fulfillment offsite through third-party logistics companies (3PLs). A 3PL might handle everything from full freight forwarders to simple courier services for companies of all sizes with all manner of logistics needs. Some 3PLs will even operate your company’s...