2021 Sales Tax Trends

E-Commerce and the 2021 Sales Tax Trends

By Ruth Richter • April 23, 2021

Last year’s historic events introduced new and unprecedented opportunities and challenges for online shoppers and retailers. Consumers and businesses are still feeling the effects of the global pandemic and the massive shift away from brick-and-mortar shopping to distant, remote, and online retail. In addition to...

Sales Tax: Out of State, Out of Mind? Not Anymore.

By Ruth Richter • September 04, 2019

Now may not be the time when most Americans are thinking about state taxes, but ever since the Supreme Court overturned Quill v. North Dakota last June, retailers have been sweating state sales tax. Before online sales became quite as prevalent as they are now,...

Navigating the New Ecommerce Tax Laws

By Ruth Richter • October 30, 2018

There’s no question that the internet has changed the way we shop. Online retail grew more in 2017 than any other year since 2011 and ecommerce accounted for 13 percent of total retail sales. We find more advertisements in our email and social media feeds...