Sage 100 Integration Solutions

Sage 100 Integration Solutions for Businesses with Unique Integration Needs

By Ruth Richter • May 17, 2024

At ROI, we perform many integrations between Sage 100 and popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon Marketplace, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. All of these integrations are made possible through our powerful, flexible integration solution, IN-SYNCH. Even though these platforms are our most popular integrations, many of...
Optimizely: Using ROI’s Connector API for Sage 100 and Innovative Software

Optimizely: Using ROI’s Connector API for Sage 100 and Innovative Software

By Ruth Richter • June 15, 2023

If the different software solutions your business uses don’t talk to each other, your employees are likely spending precious hours doing manual data entry or transfer instead of higher-level tasks that improve the profitability of your business. Integrating your systems reduces mistakes, saves time and...
API application programming interface function and procedure development technology concept on screen.

The IN-SYNCH® Connector API: Use Cases

By Ruth Richter • March 08, 2023

In our last blog, Why Use API for Integration, we took a look at when and why a business using Sage 100 and looking to integrate their data with other systems would select our Connector API solution for their project. The main benefit of putting...
Data integration programming development concept on virtual screen.

Why Use API for Integration?

By Ruth Richter • February 22, 2023

A Case for Using IN-SYNCH Connector API for Sage 100 There are many good benefits available when an eCommerce merchant integrates their Sage 100 ERP software with their online platforms. Integrating systems provides customers with access to their accounts for self-management, reduces manual order-entry mistakes,...

How to Enhance Distribution with EDI and API

By Ruth Richter • December 12, 2018

With all the acronyms that float around these days, EDI and API seem to come up regularly when discussing supply chain. Both EDI and API play a role in effective supply chain management, enabling you to securely transfer data from one system to another—a pretty...