By Ruth Richter • June 15, 2023

Blog|Optimizely: Using ROI’s Connector API for Sage 100 and Innovative Software
Optimizely: Using ROI’s Connector API for Sage 100 and Innovative Software

If the different software solutions your business uses don’t talk to each other, your employees are likely spending precious hours doing manual data entry or transfer instead of higher-level tasks that improve the profitability of your business. Integrating your systems reduces mistakes, saves time and money, and allows for real-time flow of data throughout your business.

Thankfully, integration is our specialty here at ROI. While IN-SYNCH connects your Sage 100 ERP to many popular e-commerce systems and third-party software solutions, our Connector API allows businesses’ own developers to integrate their software with Sage 100. The main benefit of using the API to connect third-party software is that developers will have complete control over the integration timeline, features, and support. If the business has employees with a high degree of technical knowledge, Connector API may be the best solution. In a recent integration, the developers of a third-party software used our Connector API to connect their own software products to their customers’ Sage 100 ERP. Read on to learn more about the company that utilized ROI’s Connector API to enhance its own software products.

Meet Optimizely

We were introduced to Optimizely by our client that recently launched a deep integration with Sage 100 using the ROI Connector API.  Optimizely helps companies reach their full potential by reinventing how marketing and product teams create digital environments through their leading digital experience platform (DXP). They work with more than 10,000 companies, several high-profile including H&M, Zoom, and PayPal, and have offices in thirteen countries. Their philosophy is “large enough to serve, small enough to care.” Optimizely emphasizes personalization, innovation, and seamless user experience in all its software.

Under their Monetize umbrella, Optimizely offers a Customized Commerce suite using artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences, product recommendations, and individualized search rankings. The suite combines extensive digital commerce capabilities and modern marketing tools into a solution that grows with your business. Customized Commerce includes a streamlined checkout and cart experience, support for complex promotions and discounts, easy order and catalog management, multisite capabilities, and more.

Optimizely integrated with Sage 100

It’s rare to find a software solution that combines modern innovation and a trustworthy reputation for security and stability. However, because Optimizely chose to connect their software to Sage 100 through ROI’s Connector API, Optimizely was able to provide integration to their cutting-edge product with their customer’s own trusted ERP.

The integration developed by Optimizely allows orders and customers to be sent to Sage 100 for real-time set up and processing in Sage 100.  Optimizely has access to customer pricing, invoice history, stock status, order and shipment status creating a fully automated workflow.   Using the ROI Connector API, Optimizely developers created a solution that accentuates the two powerful solutions for their client.

Want to Learn More About ROI’s Connector API?

If you’re curious about how your business can also achieve success with Connector API, check out our blogs about why you should use the software as well as use cases for the solution. At ROI, we have performed over 1,000 integrations between Sage 100 and other software over the last twenty-five years. We are a Sage Gold Level Tech Partner and know the ERP inside and out! Contact us today to find out how Connector API can take your software products or internal systems to the next level.