By Ruth Richter • June 12, 2024

Amazon|These ROI Construction Clients Build Their Business Through Amazon Marketplace
worker at construction site with tool belt

Summer brings with it many construction projects, as businesses and customers across the country take advantage of clear weather and free time to improve their homes or offices. During any construction project, it’s imperative to get the right parts and supplies when you need them. That’s where these three ROI clients come in. With lightning-fast integration between their ERPs and their Amazon marketplaces (and other ecommerce sites), these clients can get you what you need exactly when you need it.

MORRIS Products

MORRIS Products logo

MORRIS Products has an expansive inventory that covers many different products for the electrical and construction industries. The company has built a reputation for flexibility, responsiveness to customers, and knowledgeable personnel. They sell a range of items including wide varieties of tools, lighting, meters, fasteners, and more. The MORRIS Products team knows that construction projects rely on fast, reliable delivery of products, so they prioritize efficiency as well as customer service. In order to support rapid delivery times, MORRIS Products needs real-time, reliable integration between their Sage 100 accounting system and their ecommerce platforms, including Amazon. IN-SYNCH provides just such an integration.

Lindsay Manufacturing

Lindsay Manufacturing's VacuMaid logo

In addition to selling a full line of vacuum parts and accessories, Lindsay Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers of central vacuum systems worldwide. Their manufacturing process is meticulous: processing galvannealed coiled steel into the central vacuum cans; washing, drying, powder coating, and baking the cans; and assembling them with electrical motors and components prior to packaging.

Lindsay Manufacturing uses a Fulfilled by Merchant model for their Amazon Marketplace with their VacuMaid brand. By using IN-SYNCH to streamline their data, their Amazon orders automatically feed into their Sage 100 order intake. This automation eliminates manual processes and allows them to focus on providing the highest-quality products.

Fresh Air Manufacturing Company

Fresh Air Manufacturing Company logo

The Fresh Air Manufacturing Company (FAMCO) is one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading manufacturers and distributors of specialty building products and air ventilation equipment. They offer everything from HVAC dampers to chimney caps to several different kinds of vents. They currently distribute their products to over 2,000 wholesalers across the U.S. Believing that customers are best served by a stellar team, FAMCO has always prioritized the wellbeing of their employees through offering professional development and celebrating their team’s successes, among other benefits. Another way FAMCO supports its employees is by using IN-SYNCH to automate previously manual processes. Now, data flows smoothly from FAMCO’s ERP to its ecommerce platforms, including Amazon.

Looking to Improve Your Own Business? Consider IN-SYNCH

Even if you’re not looking to upgrade your business’s office this summer, it might still be time for an upgrade! If your company’s Sage 100 ERP and Amazon Marketplace aren’t integrated, your business is likely losing time and money due to inefficiencies and manual processes. ROI’s IN-SYNCH solution can ensure real-time data flow throughout your business, allowing you to automate time-consuming processes while reducing manual error and freeing up employees’ time. Contact us today to learn more about our integration services—we’re excited to speak with you!