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Finding the Right Fit with Your Company’s Next Ecommerce Platform

By Ruth Richter • February 19, 2024

For over 25 years, ROI has worked closely with businesses using a host of ecommerce platforms. As we have discussed our clients’ needs and goals, operational efficiency has emerged as a consistent theme. We believe that operational efficiency within the ERP ecommerce system is going...
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Discover the Power of Integrating Adobe Commerce with Sage 100

By Ruth Richter • November 14, 2023

After performing countless integrations for our customers using Adobe Commerce (formerly branded as Magento), we’ve found it to be a flexible, scalable ecommerce platform that has the power to support complex business operations. Businesses using Adobe Commerce powered by Magento have features, extensions, and customization...

Integrating Sage 100 Systems for Tech Companies

By Ruth Richter • September 08, 2022

The tech industry is #10 on the list of the biggest industries in the United States. Regardless of the business focus, tech is always changing, always innovating, and striving to keep everyone working efficiently. Technology is our business, and we share that in common with...
In-Cart Delivery Option

ShipStation Adds In-Cart Delivery Option for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento

By Ruth Richter • April 14, 2021

ShipStation is a web-based order management and shipping software which automates the shipping process for e-commerce retailers of any size. With direct integration with over 100 of the industry’s top carriers, marketplaces, and selling channels, ShipStation is positioned as a leading choice for online sellers; in fact,...
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Do You Need an Integrated E-Commerce Platform?

By Ruth Richter • November 18, 2020

Launching a successful e-commerce store takes more than one might initially think. Not only is there the new design and updated content that needs to be created and approved by the marketing department, finance has an important role with adding the e-commerce back-end. There are...

3 Customers Innovate New Products to Address Demand

By Ruth Richter • October 07, 2020

While the pandemic is changing the ways and the times we work, it hasn’t changed the need for innovation and getting results. Extended quarantines and rapid changes in economic trends have caused many businesses to think outside the box and it’s pretty amazing how some...

Managing Magento 1 EOL

By Ruth Richter • January 29, 2020

When Magento launched in 2007, it upended the ecommerce landscape. Its easy-to-use, open source, PHP-based platform rose in popularity until it was the default choice for online sellers. In fact, more than a quarter of a million merchants rely on Magento to run their online...

Sage 100 Integration: What Can IN-SYNCH Do for You?

By Ruth Richter • November 20, 2017

Sage 100 integration is a hot topic these days, and for good reason: Sage offers a great ERP platform which helps companies track finances, manage their accounting, and update their inventory, among several things. If your company desires Sage integration with an existing shopping cart...

Sage Magento Integration: A Great Match for B2B Customers

By Ruth Richter • October 31, 2017

There’s a reason why Magento is one of the preferred e-commerce shopping cart systems for B2B customers: it makes shopping simple, easy, and quick. Here’s why Magento is a great choice for B2B customers adding or updating their e-commerce systems, and how you can integrate...

How Can I Integrate Sage & Magento 2?

By Ruth Richter • June 13, 2017

Since the release of Magento 2 in 2015, user adoption has been going up—albeit at a slow pace. The all-new Magento 2 platform offers a lot of benefits users have been asking for, but since it’s literally an all-new platform with entirely new code, we’ll...