By Ruth Richter • June 24, 2024

Amazon|Making the Most of The Amazon Settlement Report
Amazon Settlement Report with laptop keyboard and mobile phone with Amazon logo

In the world of ecommerce, Amazon looms large. Many businesses with their own ecommerce websites also maintain an Amazon marketplace, gaining better access to Amazon’s 310 million consumers. However, working with a third party introduces a large amount of data to exchange, which will need to be addressed to make this amazing marketplace channel opportunity manageable.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what our clients have said is a “lifesaving” automation solution for merchants who sell on Amazon’s Seller Central and are dealing with the reconciliation of important details between Amazon’s Settlement Report and Sage 100 ERP.


Amazon’s Seller Central offers merchants the option for either FBM (fulfilled by merchant) or FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) models on Amazon Marketplace. The FBM model is a straightforward setup in which companies sell their products/goods on Amazon, as well as provide tracking to customers via the platform, but they package and ship their own orders. FBA involves Amazon warehousing a company’s goods and fulfilling and tracking their orders on their behalf.

The Amazon Settlement Report is provided to businesses using both the FBA and FBM model.

The Amazon Settlement Report

The Amazon Settlement Report is a report that Amazon regularly generates for all merchants. Each settlement report provides a detailed breakdown of the Amazon account activity over a certain period. Amazon creates these reports regularly—typically weekly or biweekly depending on volume.

A settlement report will include all credits, sales, returns, and commissions that occurred over the report period. It will also display your account balance, the next scheduled date for the transfer of funds, order and refund transactions, and adjustments for specific orders (if applicable). The report has record of the fees Amazon charges for each sale and marketplace service.

Make the Most of Your Data Through Integration

While a settlement report provides data essential to manage and account for Amazon order activity, our clients often find the reconciliation of this data can be burdensome and time-consuming. We recommend clients further maximize their investment in the IN-SYNCH solution by automating the download of the report from Amazon to Sage 100.

This solution involves connecting to the Amazon API and downloading settlement reports as they become available, based on your specific criteria, without hours of manual data entry. This automation saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors. We work with the client to classify each transaction type and map it into Sage transactions (invoices, credit memos, receipts, etc.). The result is automation that will create all the transactions in Sage based on the report.

Partner with ROI for Amazon Marketplace Integration

If your company hopes to expand into Amazon Marketplace, an integration solution is key. Look no further than IN-SYNCH, our integration solution that’s both reliable enough to count on and flexible enough to adapt to your unique business needs. We can assist with an FBA, FBM and/or a settlement report integration based on your needs. IN-SYNCH is fully compliant with Amazon’s Selling Partner API. If you’re ready to connect data across your ecommerce platforms and ERP, contact us today.