By Ruth Richter • May 17, 2024

Amazon|Sage 100 Integration Solutions for Businesses with Unique Integration Needs
Sage 100 Integration Solutions

At ROI, we perform many integrations between Sage 100 and popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon Marketplace, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. All of these integrations are made possible through our powerful, flexible integration solution, IN-SYNCH. Even though these platforms are our most popular integrations, many of our customers choose custom solutions. Therefore, we offer specialized integration services for these more unique projects. In this blog, we’ll go over the different ways we can help integrate customized solutions with your Sage 100 ERP.

Integration Options with ROI

In order to reap the benefits of such a customized ecommerce solution, that solution must be fully integrated with your Sage 100 ERP. It can be harder to integrate these types of solutions due to their high levels of customization, but we at ROI pride ourselves on being able to integrate anything through IN-SYNCH! We’ve got three options for these sorts of custom integrations. Read on to find out which process would be best for your company’s situation.

Option #1: DIY

The first option is a do-it-yourself process in which your developers do most of the integration work through IN-SYNCH with only minimal backup from ROI. In this process, ROI will show your development vendor or team how to build “staging tables” in a Microsoft SQL or MySQL database that meet the specifications of the accounting data files in the custom website or software solution. Afterwards, your developers will establish communications, mapping, and connections between Sage 100 and the staging table database.

Option #2: ROI Connector API

The second option involves using our Connector API, a set of programming instructions that allow different software programs to “talk” to each other. It uses a series of rest API endpoints that we have established to allow companies to interact with Sage 100. By using our Connector API along with IN-SYNCH, your developers can build their own integration without needing to host a database or understand Sage 100’s table structure. We have API endpoints for the data that are commonly needed for a variety of platforms, including websites, 3PL, and CRM integrations. And if we don’t already have a necessary API endpoint, we can create it. We can work with your developers to choose the best option for architecture, requirements, and more.

Check out this blog to learn why API may be the best choice for your integration project.

Option #3: Turnkey Integration

The third option is best for those custom carts or websites that already offer an API. ROI can then create a Sage 100 custom cart connector for a turnkey integration solution. In this process, ROI performs all aspects of the integration, including the IN-SYNCH integration, the staging tables setup, and the connection with the third-party API. This process may be ideal for companies without a development team.

Which Option Will You Choose?

If you’re in the market for a custom integration, let’s talk! We’re happy to discuss these three options with you in more depth and help you choose the best process to match your unique needs and capabilities. For the most immediate assistance, contact Kim Zertuche to set up a meeting and put “Interested in a Custom Integration” in the subject line. Of course, you can always contact ROI through our website. We look forward to speaking with you!