By Ruth Richter • February 05, 2024

Blog|ROI’s Outdoor Sports Clients Use IN-SYNCH to Tame Their Data
snowboarder catching air

Spring break is a great time for an adventure. Whether you’re planning to ski down mountains, surf ocean waves, play a game of golf, or skateboard around your city, you need the right equipment. These ROI clients can help! Not only do these companies sell high-quality outdoor goods, they also provide high-end ecommerce customer experience through the power of IN-SYNCH. Through real-time data flow between an ecommerce site and Sage 100 ERP, each of these clients have tamed their data and enabled new possibilities within their business.


Voile logo

Voilé has introduced some of the most important innovations in the area of backcountry skiing and snowboarding. In 1991, Voilé introduced the backcountry splitboard, which proved to be a huge leap forward in snowboarding equipment. The company has also invented the original ski strap and the patented “hooks, clips, and pucks” splitboard quick assembly and breakdown, which is now standard. All their products are made in Utah and developed by expert skiers and snowboarders. To help web surfers become snow surfers, Voilé implemented an ERP ecommerce platform that is inviting, easy to navigate and offers a quick check out and order processing to get their customers back on the slopes. Voilé relies on the fast and accurate information serviced up by IN-SYNCH to maintain up-to-date inventory, and sales. You can find their products on popular marketplaces as well.

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax logo

In the early 1970’s, two friends from Santa Barbara created Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax, a new surfing wax that the two developed and tested in the California waves. Over the last 50 years, the company has expanded across the globe to reach surfers all around the world. To keep up with the company’s continuing expansion, Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax partnered with ROI and implemented IN-SYNCH to integrate orders, tracking, and customer information between the website and Sage 100 accounting system. Using the Clearnine ERP ecommerce platform and IN-SYNCH allows the business to maintain high-quality data flow as well as customer satisfaction.

Golf Trends, Inc.

Golf Trends, Inc. logo

Golf Trends, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the mission to be the premiere golf products distributor in Canada. Golf Trends is still family owned and operated, and it aims to treat each customer like a member of the family. The company sells everything from golf clubs to grips to club bags, all of which are carefully organized in their online storefront. By using IN-SYNCH to connect data for their Clearnine ERP ecommerce website, Golf Trends is able to keep an eye on their sales and inventory in real-time. This accuracy allows them to maintain their focus on customer experience without overburdening their employees with manual data transfer.

Deluxe Distribution

Deluxe Distribution logo

Deluxe Distribution was founded in 1986 to distribute record labels that were popular in the skateboarding realm. Now, Deluxe Distribution has expanded beyond music to skateboarding equipment and six high-quality skateboard brands. Their products are sold through their retail outlet, DLXSF. The company also invests in charitable efforts, helping skateboard products get reused and donated to those who can’t afford new equipment. Distributing entire skateboard brands means that Deluxe Distribution also manages six different ecommerce sites, one for each brand. Each site is built on a Shopify platform and connects back to Sage 100 via IN-SYNCH. With IN-SYNCH, Deluxe Distribution can keep up with sales across all six sites and ensure inventory matches the needs of every skater who purchases their products.

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