By Shane • May 09, 2016

Adobe Commerce (Magento)|Using Sage 100 and Considering the Magento Ecommerce Solution?

Magento is a very powerful e-commerce solution. In order to ensure that our customers achieve the greatest amount of revenue and growth, every detail counts when setting up the integration with Sage 100.

We’ve been integrating Sage 100 with Magento within its first year of launch and the platform rapidly became the most popular selection for our current and prospective customers. We have had one project after the other, since that time. The integration with Sage 100 available is very thorough and comes close to matching custom platforms available.

Best practices defined for Sage 100 e-commerce integration

Successful e-commerce business systems allow for online shoppers to have a smooth, intuitive and successful ordering process. With the integration to Sage 100, our customers can make a marked improvement to their websites by automating the following areas:

  • Eliminate double data entry time and errors. Manual order transfers take a lot of time and they open up the door for errors. Integrating Magento and Sage result in significantly lowered operations costs, increased efficiency, and improved accuracy. When double data entry is eliminated, you can spend those funds and time on tasks that add real value to your business.
  • Establish responsive and secure communications. Customers value complete communications about the status of their orders. With Magento, they can find products and checkout quickly and easily and receive an immediate order confirmation notice and email. When integrated with the accounting system, the time between receiving and processing the order is shortened. Shipments happen quickly and the time to receive shipping confirmation with tracking builds confidence that the order has been successfully processed. However, the speed of the transaction is dependent on the connection between Magento and Sage 100. There cannot be a gap in responsiveness and data transfer. With e-commerce, data security is essential; fast response time needs to be coupled with secure transactions.
  • Provide a seamless and personalized user experience. Your customers see only the Magento e-commerce platform. This interface is clearly important and should be easy to understand and use, but even more is required. Personalized content, including promotions, products, and pricing, will boost sales. The customer experience can be truly personalized if their data—such as past orders, invoices, and account information—is readily available. A truly seamless integration means that what the customers see is the same as what you see in your Sage 100 business system.
  • Integrate real-time product information. With real-time Sage 100 inventory stock data, your customers don’t have to worry about canceled orders because the item was out-of-stock. Canceled orders mean frustrated customers and often result in lost business. A seamless integration between Magento and Sage 100 enables up-to-date product data to be presented to your customers.

Achieving best practices with IN-SYNCH for Magento, Sage 100 integration

When you use IN-SYNCH as your integration tool for Magento and Sage 100, you achieve real-time, bi-directional communications at lightening speeds, with the most secure architecture possible. Our Magento connector allows us to integrate the following data:

  • Customer information, including contact data, shipping, billing addresses, and payment details whether that data was created in Magento or in Sage 100
  • Customer orders, which are automatically synched to your Sage 100 inventory and accounting system
  • Invoice and order status details are available to both the customer and to your staff
  • Inventory data is automatically updated so that Sage 100 and Magento stock counts always agree
  • Customer-specific pricing is available for customer item specific, customer price/level item specific, item price code/customer price level specific.
  • Advanced Credit Card integration allows for preauthorization in Sage and capture in Magento
  • Sales Order History Sync allows for orders and invoice originating in Sage 100 into Magento customer history
  • And more!

Learn more about ROI Consulting’s Magento and Sage 100 integration capabilities.

Using IN-SYNCH can dramatically increase your company’s productivity and improve data accuracy, leading to increased revenue and profitability. ROI Consulting has successfully integrated numerous customers’ Magento and Sage 100 systems since Magento Version 1.2. The Chief Financial Officer at Outward Hound said, “ROI was a key party to the successful launch of our new website based on the Magento platform, fully-integrated with Sage 100 using IN-SYNCH. We gave ROI the highest marks on the project completion survey.”

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