By Ruth Richter • December 05, 2018

Blog|The Bridge to IN-SYNCH for Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud

IN-SYNCHWhen a business software purchase doesn’t live up to your expectations there is not only the cash investment lost, but there is the time that will never be recovered and the goodwill impact to those who were taken on the ride. When we see this happen to Sage 100 customers with integration, we do our best to get them onto our IN-SYNCH solution and they never look back.

At ROI, we offer Sage-centric integration solutions. Because IN-SYNCH becomes an extension of the Sage 100 solution, there is great flexibility in how the solution can function. Our customers often say the solution works exactly how they would think it should function because it was written by Sage programmers. Our sales process ensures we nail the needs for a smooth implementation because we involve engineers every step of the way leaving very little chance for surprises.

Autograph Foliages

For 40 years, Autograph Foliages has been providing evergreen service to offices, interiorscapers, putting greens, and more. Literally. The artificial greenery company designs and provides thousands of options for fake plants both indoors and out.

Autograph’s first Sage integration via eBridge was one that did not live up to expectations. Not only did tracking and updating not perform as promised, Autograph also felt as if eBridge did not fully understand what the needs were in order to meet them. When the suggested solutions meant more manual work for Autograph’s sales people, they knew they had to branch out to something different. That’s when they discovered IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting.


Speaking of doing old things new ways, Stop-Painting is built on the need to provide industrial floor marking that is quick and efficient. Standard practice had been to use paint, but that was time-consuming and becomes problematic when it comes to changing workflow design, addressing safety issues, or floor marking maintenance.

What convinced Stop-Painting to move from eBridge was ROI Consulting’s deep knowledge of Sage. They found that eBridge lacked the level of service and knowledge they were accustomed to receiving. Combined with a response time and communication level that left a few things to be desired, moving over to ROI Consulting and IN-SYNCH was the next natural step. With more than two decades of experience working with Sage, ROI’s Sage smarts and IN-SYNCH’s flexibility and reliability have replaced eBridge as quickly as Stop-Painting replaces paint.


Family-owned Leedstone has some data with beef: They focus on helping dairy and beef farms care for their animals. They pride themselves on providing fast access to the solutions farmers require and need to be able to access their data just as fast.

Leedstone has been an ROI customer for years with their Magento ecommerce platform. But, when their Amazon stores increased in volume, they integrated using Channel Advisor and eBridge. Within a year, the fees grew too high to manage and they found Amazon could integrate in the same method as their Magento store. That’s when they moved the Amazon integration to IN-SYNCH: the ability to get exactly what they wanted when they wanted it was not too good to be true. Having a deep history themselves of knowing their customer and their product, Leedstone needed an integration partner that could do the same. ROI’s Sage-centric model provided that level of specialty and expertise.

IN-SYNCH: Too Good NOT to be True

At ROI Consulting, we pride ourselves on the fact that when you call with a question—whether you’re an IN-SYNCH user or simply exploring your options—you talk to the engineers who develop the program. Our say/do ratio is 100 percent. We know our software and yours inside out; consider us an extension of your Sage partner team specializing in integration and automation. We’re good, and it’s the truth.

Want to see how IN-SYNCH works on your data? We’re here to bridge the data gap.