By Shane • March 03, 2016

Blog|Not all Sage 100 Integration Solutions Are Created Equal: 5 Key Questions to Ask

webstore integration for sage 100Let’s face it, there are a number of solutions now available that integrate Sage 100 with other solutions. It can be a little confusing to know which direction to turn. And while we’d like to have all the business, that just isn’t reality, and may not always be the best for you. So, how do you decide which tool is the best for your Sage 100 integration needs? Here are 5 critical questions to ask that will likely help point you in the right direction.

Who is the company behind the integration tool?
How long have they been in business? How deep is their experience?  Is integration their sole focus? How will your account be handled? What is support like? Do they turn over staff?  What are their on-going fees associated with your solution? Is their integration multi-faceted? Knowing the company behind the product, is the BEST place to start. However, it is unfortunately not usually given much consideration.

Are their clients fans or jumping ship?
Have their clients stayed with them? Have they left and come back? Do their clients leave competitors in favor of their service and solution? This can be hard to determine, but you may be able to find some of the answers on social media. You can check with references and see if they are happy and why.

Is their solution native to Sage 100?
Integration tools that are native to Sage 100 means they are truly, fully integrated. The benefits of a true integration include a built in comfort level, lower learning curve, and faster training, because the integration uses familiar features within Sage 100. However, if this isn’t an important feature, you should at least see what the product looks like and get a feel for how it works with a live demo. Don’t accept a pre-recorded demo. They are often dated, not applicable to your situation, and may not be representative of what you will actually end up with.

Will their integration solution help or hinder other 3rd party products?
There is a good chance if you are looking at a Sage 100 integration tool, that you have or are looking at adding other 3rd party solutions. Will your new integration tool work with other solutions? Will it cause problems? Will the 3rd party vendors work well together on the project? Will changes to one solution impact the other? Will your Sage 100 partner be involved? Which solutions do all of the parties recommend.? Talk to all parties involved – even if they are just providing quotes at this point. You will glean a lot of information by asking questions of all potential companies that could be involved in your integration project.

Is the solution able to manage multiple websites, multiple companies and multiple databases?
While this may not seem important now, think back to how your company has grown, and outgrown software solutions. Thinking ahead to future growth, while difficult to predict, can save you from having to repeat this process down the road.

There is no one perfect solution for every company – but there is a best solution for your company. Doing your homework now, will save you time and money in the long run. Be sure to get the best return on your investment.