By Ruth Richter • November 03, 2016

Blog|Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise with Sage 100c

Are you considering upgrading to the new Sage 100c? Rest assured that IN-SYNCH is fully compatible with this exciting new version of Sage 100. Sage 100c is a new business solution that grows with your business. Sage 100c and Sage 100 aren’t just for “big” companies. They are perfect for a range of small to mid-sized businesses, including ecommerce businesses. Sage 100c integrates well with popular shopping carts for e-commerce companies thanks to IN-SYNCH. IN-SYNCH offers a proven method of integrating Sage products with many common shopping carts, including Magento, Shopify, Amazon, and more.

Sage 100c: Complete Solution for Small to Mid-Sized Companies

Sage 100c offers a complete solution for small and medium-sized companies. There are numerous deployment options so that you can create a solution that meets your company’s needs right from the start. As your business grows, you can add on additional solutions. You can integrate Sage 100c with your ecommerce platform, view real-time data, and provide better customer service with an integrated system.

Five Features in One Solution

Sage 100c offers five feature-rich options in one package. With Sage 100c, you can:

  • Integrate with multiple e-commerce carts: IN-SYNCH enables Sage 100c users to integrate multiple shopping carts into their system. Magneto, Amazon, Shopify, and many others easily integrate. Bidirectional, powerful data from your website now flows seamlessly into Sage 100c as it does with other Sage products.
  • Manage finances: Financial management through Sage 100c streamlines invoices and bill collection. It helps you eliminate redundancies and accounting errors. Double entry is reduced or virtually eliminated, too. Features within the system help ensure tax compliance and accountability, improve budget planning, and accommodate changes as your business grows.
  • View inventory, distribution, manufacturing: By connecting different features of Sage 100c and integrating it with your e-commerce platform, you can take control of your entire inventory, distribution, manufacturing, and financial process through one streamlined and easy to use dashboard. Improve asset tracking and inventory analysis with Sage Fixed Asset. Manage bills of materials when new orders come in or orders change. Automate purchasing and controls, and track your work-in-progress in real time. The entire process helps you forecast inventory more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
  • Manage sales and orders: A company runs on its revenues, and anything that can be used to support sales and order management helps to enhance your company’s bottom line. With Sage 100c, you can provide real-time details to your customers, deliver orders on-time and on-budget, and provide a platform for your employees to collaborate on orders. This is especially valuable for your e-commerce site. By adding Sage CRM to the basic Sage 100c program, you can also link processes, information, workflows and communications channels in real-time to your database for added sales benefits. You can also connect Sage 100c to your e-commerce platform with IN-SYNCH, creating enhanced value throughout the system.
  • Gain business insights: Understanding your business from start to finish, top to bottom, is crucial for its success. With Sage 100c, you can receive alerts based on key performance indicators (KPIs) that you establish. Handle workflows to manage approvals. If you add Sage Intelligence, you’ll be able to generate additional reports for added insights and action.

Sage 100 and Sage 100c: Integration with Ecommerce Platforms

If you are considering integrating Sage 100 or the newer Sage 100c with your ecommerce platform, speak with the experts at ROI Consulting. Since 1997, we’ve helped many businesses successfully integrate Sage 100 with their carts to improve their business insights, analytics, and service.

For more information about Sage 100 integration, Sage 100c, or IN-SYNCH, please contact ROI Consulting or call 402-934-2223 ext 1.