By Ruth Richter • July 05, 2017

Blog|5 Customers Who Switched to IN-SYNCH … and Why They Did It

Sure, you can choose other integration options for your Sage 100 system, but why would you? Not only does ROI Consulting have two decades of experience with Sage 100 integration, their integration solution has been completely error-free and flawless for over a decade. Even better, it’s the most customizable integration product available on the market: IN-SYNCH, which can literally eliminate all duplicate data entry for every single business process you perform using Sage 100.

Error-free integration and unlimited customization sound good? Those aren’t even IN-SYNCH’s biggest benefits. With IN-SYNCH, you’ll get 100% real-time Sage 100 integration with anything—meaning with ROI, you’ll have the fastest access to your data possible.

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These five satisfied IN-SYNCH customers made the switch from competing products and they’ve never looked back.


  1. Crimson Trace

Crimson TraceIN-SYNCH, the world-leading company manufacturing laser sights and laser grips since 1994, made the switch to IN-SYNCH from their previous solution so they could get real-time insight into online sales and shipping data for the more than 200 products they offer.

Vastly superior to the integration solution Crimson Trace had used previously, IN-SYNCH offered them increased flexibility including:

  • New Ship To and Ship From change integration
  • Faster data processing
  • Unlimited integration touch points for hassle-free data management
  • Faster response, better service, a solution that works!

These benefits were of the utmost importance to Crimson Trace, since their products literally save the lives of their customers.


  1. Golden Needle

IN-SYNCHSince 2001, Golden Needle has provided top-quality acupuncture supplies, Chinese herbs, and physician supplies to the practitioners and physicians they serve. Their wide range of products required unmanageable duplicate data entry until they got a competing Sage 100 integration program—but once they found IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting, they never looked back.

“In-synch is so far beyond the integration solution we replaced, its not even comparable. Not only in functionality, but the ROI team have all been absolutely amazing, which is also not comparable to our 4 years with the other solution. I’m actually shocked they are still in business.”

— Joey Bedrosian, Golden Needle


  1. Final Draft

In 1990, Final Draft was created as a writing and formatting software for screenplays, and since then, the world has never been the same. Within five years of its invention, Final Draft had already become the entertainment-industry standard for screenwriting, and it’s now the world leader for screenplay creation featuring glowing testimonials from Robert Zemeckis (Flight and Back to the Future), James Cameron (Titanic and Avatar), and Matthew Weiner (Mad Men).

Their software, which is delivered as on online download, typically costs upward of $200, so it’s a serious purchase for their customers—requiring immediate download capabilities. To meet those needs, Final Draft switched from their previous solution that never did work correctly to IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting. This has helped them to focus on providing even better customer service to their dedicated users and fans and left all the headaches behind!


  1. Venturi

VenturiIN-SYNCH is a manufacturing, marketing, and distribution company known for developing internationally recognized, unique, and innovative products for the past 40 years. Their products span a wide variety of functions, but they all have one goal: improving the lives of their customers. Whether you want to keep drains clear, keep surfaces clean and safe, reduce cigarette tar, or more, Venturi offers a product that will help.

Because Venturi’s entire reason for existing is to create happier, healthier lives for their customers, they’re passionate about customer service. In order to deliver better service for supplier shipments and direct online orders, they made the change to ROI Consulting and IN-SYNCH in 2013 so they could power their Magento, Amazon, and eBay shopping carts quickly, easily, and seamlessly.

Read more about Venturi’s ongoing success with IN-SYNCH here.


  1. Sunday Afternoons

Sage 100 integration customerNeed a hat to enjoy a sunny day outdoors comfortably and safely? Sunday Afternoons has the hat for you.

After starting out as a family business, cutting fabric and piecing it together in their living room, Sunday Afternoon now distributes their popular sunhats in over 30 countries and they maintain a continually up-to-date website that provides eCommerce options and attractive branding to increase their sales direct to consumers.

Sunday Afternoon’s Director of IT realized that the integration solution they had purchased was ill-suited for Sage 100 integration and their Sage partner recommended IN-SYNCH.  After years of using their integrated Magento website, they made the switch to a WordPress website with a custom shopping cart and the ROI team, once again, assisted the company in making a smooth transition.  IN-SYNCH offers the flexibility and time-tested reliability they needed so they can switch, upgrade, and update their site at will, without worries about their data integration being affected.


Get IN-SYNCH with Your Business

Today’s mile-a-minute business environment requires you to stay agile at all times, and since your online competitors are only a click away, the most important thing you can do to differentiate your company is to deliver better, faster service than all your competitors. Make fast, error-free order and deliver easy when you eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce manual data entry to a negligible amount, and get real-time insight into all your customer orders and needs any time of the day or night.

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