By Ruth Richter • December 27, 2023

Blog|ROI’s Home Remodeling Clients Provide a New Look for a New Year!
IN-SYNCH Provides a New Look for ROI’s Home Remodeling Clients showing image of the inside of a beautiful home with pocket doors, gleaming wood, and chandelier

It’s time for New Year resolutions! During this time of year, many people decide that their living space needs an upgrade. Read on to meet companies that produce a great selection of lighting, hardware, and woodworking products that can provide a new level of quality in home furnishings. Each company has partnered with ROI to implement IN-SYNCH with ROI’s Integration Data Services. They make elegant and versatile products, and our solution provides the ecommerce experience to match.

Custom Service Hardware

Custom Service Hardware logo

Custom Service Hardware was founded in 1977 by Frank Rasmussen when he started selling excess hardware out of his barn. Today, the company sells over 50,000 hardware, building, and woodworking supplies to customers worldwide. In addition to everyday hardware products, they also sell rolling ladders and hidden bookcase doors to add a touch of whimsy to any home.

Custom Service Hardware needed software that could connect all of their ecommerce channels and streamline the order workflow and they found the perfect solution in IN-SYNCH. Through IN-SYNCH, Custom Service Hardware seamlessly moves product and order information between their Sage 100 ERP and their ecommerce platforms. The resulting reliability and streamlined customer experience has helped them build great relationships with contractors, builders, and homeowners alike.

Jeffrey Court

Jeffrey Court logo

Jeffrey Court recently celebrated 30 years of providing high-end, fashion-forward wall tiles to their customers. Founded in California, the company has slowly expanded by creating partnerships with international suppliers and US distributors. Jeffrey Court prides themselves on having a large selection of diverse tile styles, providing fashionable options for any home.

Jeffrey Court has prioritized mutually beneficial partnerships with their distributors for years. They have developed support programs and share marketing and merchandising resources with their distributors. In order for these partnerships to be successful, Jeffrey Court utilizes IN-SYNCH for real-time data flow with their ERP ecommerce solution. This allows the company to keep an eye on many different data streams at once, ensuring that distributors, customers, and employees all have the same data at the tips of their fingers.

ATR Lighting

ATR Lighting logo

ATR Lighting began as a supplier of airport lamps in 1984. Since then, it has become the largest distributor of GE, Sylvania, and Phillips lightbulb brands in the US. ATR Lighting sells a vast array of lightbulbs, including many special-purpose bulbs. In addition, ATR Lighting can identify and produce many rare or hard-to-find lamps and light bulbs.

ATR Lighting offers their Sage 100-optimized and fully integrated Clearnine ecommerce solution through the power of IN-SYNCH. The completely integrated and optimized ecommerce experience allows a high-quality interface to best serve their customers.


Denco logo

Denco Marketing Company, which provides machinery tools and equipment, was founded by Dennis Schlabach in 1967. Denco specializes in doors and door accessories, offering power tools, springs, garage door hardware, loop detectors, lubricants, fasteners, and more to both residential and commercial customers and contractors.

Denco’s ecommerce platform, powered by IN-SYNCH, allows customers to easily browse through their extensive product catalog. Once a customer places an order, the workflow is automatic and enabling faster processing and a great online experience.

Looking to Remodel Your Company’s Ecommerce Experience?

If your company’s online store needs a new look—or if things are looking a little worse for wear on the internal processing side of things—IN-SYNCH could be the solution. A proven solution for years, IN-SYNCH can integrate your Sage 100 ERP with any ecommerce platform you use (and however many platforms you use). Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your ecommerce experience to the next level.