By Ruth Richter • August 11, 2016

Blog|Why Integration Matters

ecommerce integrationI was talking to a prospective customer recently who had started his company several years ago. Like many entrepreneurs, he started with simple accounting software, a separate website, and a shopping cart that led to a payment gateway. None of these systems were connected. His “warehouse” was the garage. When an order pinged into his inbox, he could reply personally to his customers since he could literally look over his shoulder at the inventory shelves.

Now fast forward to this year. His company has grown significantly, and they’ve relocated to a building downtown with a large warehouse. They have 20 employees, a recently new Sage 100 accounting system … and they are still using separate systems for e-commerce orders.

“I’m losing money with all the manual data entry,” he said. “It’s like the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. We’re always out of stock or overstocked, and because the shopping cart doesn’t get updated directly from the inventory spreadsheets, we can’t automate out-of-stock messages. I have to keep refunding customers who want their money back, and my payment gateway charges me a little each time I issue a refund.”

I went over how our IN-SYNCH solution works.  Then I gave him a cost estimate and gave him ideas as to how to figure annual savings once the integration was completed. Performing an integration takes the installation of a connector and the IN-SYNCH application software, plus the configuration of the connector for the customer’s specification, the linking of the Sage 100 data to be securely available to the website and to receive in data from the website on a real-time basis. The new solution then goes through a testing process before completing. This is an investment of time and money but our customers find that our solution really does provide a return on investment and eliminate headaches and growing pains.

Integration Is Within Reach with IN-SYNCH

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you know the challenges: managing people, processes, production, marketing, sales, operation, finances, human resources, accounting. The list goes on and on. Often, technology drops to the bottom of the list until you’re in a position where the pain of staying with what you’re using is worse than what you can bear.

Here at ROI Consulting, we can make integration easier for your company than you ever thought possible. We work with you to understand the business challenges that you face and to help you select the best tools for your needs. With products such as IN-SYNCH, integration with your ecommerce platform and shopping cart becomes easier than you ever thought possible.

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