By Ruth Richter • August 22, 2017

Blog|Walmart Marketplace Offers Exceptional Sales Opportunities

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Walmart Marketplace is causing a stir among ecommerce merchants, and for good reason: the retail giant’s online seller marketplace reaches an estimated 80 million unique website visitors monthly. That’s roughly a quarter of the American population. If you want to grow your company’s sales, there few other ways of reaching as many people online as leveraging the marketing power of Walmart.

Yet to join the Walmart Marketplace, your business will need to meet specific criteria as a seller. Walmart demands first class customer service, unique products, competitive pricing, and fast, reliable fulfillment. To meet Walmart’s demands, Sage 100 customers will need the integration capabilities provided by IN-SYNCH. Let’s take a look at Walmart Marketplace and how your business can improve its systems to meet their high standards.

Seller Verification

Walmart conducts a seller verification process to vet new vendors for their Marketplace. During the verification process, the company will examine your business before approving it to sell on the Marketplace.

While Walmart makes every effort to approve seller applications quickly, you can help the process move along faster by preparing for sales on the Walmart Marketplace. An ecommerce system that supports multiple prices, for example, can make it easier for you to price your products competitively on the Walmart site while maintaining higher prices and margins on other sites. Walmart, as you know, has always competed on price, rather than other marketing features.

Integration with Your Existing System

Once you receive notification that your application to sell via the Walmart Marketplace has been approved, it’s go-time. You’ll need to set up your system so that it integrates with the Walmart shopping cart.

That’s where things can get a little tricky. You’ll receive an Invitation to Sign Up email, which you should respond to quickly. A designated window is provided to you to complete your sign-up process. You then proceed to register in the Seller center.

Integration with your existing product catalog may be easy, or you may need help. If you do need help, ROI Consulting has successfully completed Walmart cart integrations for many companies using Sage 100. We can save you time, effort, and in the long run—money—by integrating your Walmart cart correctly the first time around.

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Walmart Marketplace offers an extraordinary opportunity to reach a potential 80 million unique website visitors monthly. Competitive prices, fast and accurate shipping, and hard-to-find items will set your business apart from others competing for sales on this popular platform.

To make selling easier, software that integrates with your existing systems and the Walmart Marketplace cart is essential. ROI Consulting can help. IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting offers Sage 100 integration among many shopping carts and systems, or we can advise you on custom integrations, too. Contact us today or call 402-934-2223 x1.