By Ruth Richter • March 21, 2017

Blog|Using Sage 100 Integration to Build Sophisticated Online Catalogs (with Lot Numbers)

Sage 100 integrationOften when clients start up a new web store such as Magento, eBay, or Amazon, they ask us how they can use the catalog data from their Sage system in their new web store—without any tiresome data entry. Especially if they have a large inventory catalog, they’ll want to import their data, along with attributes, from Sage to the new website, and they’ll also require ongoing synchronization to keep their website up to date with new items. If you have a Sage 100 integration project like this, ROI Consulting can help!

ROI Consulting is the expert you need to help you with your Sage 100 integration project that involves syncing up your Sage ERP data with your online web store (and vice versa) or converting the catalog from one store to another. With almost two decades of experience behind our work, we at ROI Consulting offer exceptional insights and value for your integration project.

You Have Two Options for Entering Data into Your Web Store or Shopping Cart

Some companies don’t sell many products, but other companies must maintain a large catalog of items that they update in Sage 100. If your company is more like the latter example, you may be exhausted just thinking about having to transfer all your Sage 100 data into a web store or shopping cart.

The problem is, you must get your product data into your web store to stay competitive—and you have two options to accomplish that task:

  • Option #1: The “It’ll Do for Now” Solution – Enter the inventory data manually.
  • Option #2: The Time-Saving, Long-Term Solution – You use a IN-SYNCH that enters all the inventory data from Sage for you – instantly and error free.

The second option is where ROI Consulting helps, offering a Sage 100 integration product called IN-SYNCH that imports everything from Sage information. From there, we set the system to directly import the data into your shopping cart (Magento, Amazon, or others) straight from your Sage database, hassle-free.

How Sage 100 Integration Works for Web Stores

To create a product in Clearnine, Magento, Amazon, eBay, or other e-commerce solution, the IN-SYNCH tool will map separate fields with an error-free one-to-one mapping process. It’s easy to see how you can save time with this tool when you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of products, IN-SYNCH’s mapping can mean the difference between spending the time entering data, or spending the time testing and getting ready to go live, because the system will do all the data entry for you.

Here’s how IN-SYNCH works:

  1. The talented ROI Consulting team sets up mapping between your Sage software and your shopping cart software, using our deep knowledge of ERP programming languages and online/Internet programming languages, we assist you with readying the data by adding UDFs and other tasks. And then we import the catalog.
  2. The one-to-one mapping setup between the systems creates a link that allows your e-commerce and ERP software stay synchronized if you choose.
    • After the communication path is set up and you create a new item in Sage, the IN-SYNCH integration tool will instantly populate all the fields in your shopping cart or web store and secure the new item in the online database.
    • After the communication path is set up and you touch or modify an item in Sage, the integration tool will update the item in your shopping cart by overwriting all the mapped fields for that item, ensuring complete data integrity across your two systems and securing the changes in your online database.

You should determine the level of integration you want as well. Will you choose to integrate orders but not inventory? Or do you want to automate and integrate every aspect of your systems? Creating a plan upfront will help you understand right from the outset how much time and cost you’ll need to allocate for your successful integration project.

Beyond the Basics: Powerful Integration for a Sophisticated Catalog

Syncing inventory or product details from Sage to a shopping cart saves on time and labor costs, but it’s only the beginning of what IN-SYNCH can do.

For instance, one of our customers relies on the lot quantity function in Sage 100.  Therefore, we built in the ability for them to sync Sage to Magento with the Inventory Synchronize lot number quantity information, which means that when their system reports inventory availability, the system will also system will report:

  • Total available
  • Size of the largest lot

In this case, the integration tool will keep the lot data up to date, and the website will prompt your customers about their option to split lots. Your customer can agree to split lots by choosing “yes,” or by entering their initials. You can configure your online system to return your customer’s choice to Sage as a user-defined field in the inbound order that shows the on/off choice flag or the customer’s initials.

Amazingly, your sales order in Sage 100 will then use your customer’s choice to automatically allocate lot numbers for the item, choosing a lot number based on the smallest quantity available that can handle the quantity ordered.

Choose the ROI Consulting Advantage

Every e-commerce business has its unique challenges and opportunities. Companies with a long and venerable history of sales success, especially in the e-commerce arena, may bring more historical data to an integration product than others. Updating that data will take more time, but with an experienced partner by your side, that integration can go much more smoothly.

ROI Consulting is the home of IN-SYNCH, a unique, proprietary system developed for Sage 100 integration with many popular shopping carts. Whether you need to integrate a big-name cart like Amazon, Magento, or Big Commerce – or you’re using a custom-built system, IN-SYNCH can help. Contact ROI Consulting online, or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.