By Ruth Richter • August 25, 2016

Blog|Two Signs You Need Sage 100 and Ecommerce Integration Now

Ecommerce IntegrationMaybe you’ve hesitated about integrating your ecommerce site and your Sage 100 solution, figuring that the costs weren’t quite worth your efforts right now. There are a few big red flags that signal it’s time to take the plunge and integrate your ecommerce site with Sage 100 now. Today. Not tomorrow. Here’s why:

Sign #1: Order Errors Are Up

Nobody’s perfect, but when errors in order fulfillment spike, you’ve got bigger problems than just an occasional oops moment. If you’ve got someone rekeying orders, manual errors will creep into the system. It’s just part of human nature. As mistakes creep into the system, however, you’re going to have more returns, more errors, and more costs.

When you bridge your ecommerce site with Sage 100, you decrease the chance for order entry mistakes by eliminating manual entries. Orders push straight back from the website into your Sage 100 system, triggering a fulfillment step without manual data entry. It removes the chance that an extra keystroke gives your customer 10 widgets instead of 1, or gives her a $100 item instead of a $10 item. Reducing errors is a big feature of integration.

Sign #2: You Can’t Keep Up with Volume

If you feel like a hamster on a wheel, constantly running in place but never getting anywhere, you may be ready for an ecommerce integration.  As order volume increases, it can be harder and harder for those using manual order fulfillment and tracking systems to keep up. Not only is the daily data entry an overwhelming task, but manually printing orders from your website, handing them off to accounting for processing or billing, then shuffling them back to the warehouse can be deadly. Time is lost, along with productivity. As orders back up, customers become upset because it’s taking longer to fill their orders. Soon they’re looking for other places to do business and you’re scrambling to make up the shortfall.

Order volume is no problem for an integrated ecommerce platform. Tools like IN-SYNCH seamlessly transfer data into your central database. Everyone can access it in real time, from any part of the company, even if they’re working from home. It’s a flexible way to handle volume without losing information.

Ready to Take the Integration Plunge?

Read our existing customer, Mountain View‘s, story and what happened when they “took the plunge” and integrated their three ecommerce sites and fulfillment system.  If you’re ready to take the integration plunge, work with a company that has the experience to make it as painless and easy as possible. At ROI Consulting, we’ve helped many companies in dozens of industries integrate their shopping carts with their Sage 100 systems. The results have transformed how our clients manage their businesses and facilitated growth and profitability.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your business challenges, and help you find the right mix of tools to improve order processing, fulfillment, and data gathering. Contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223 ext. 1.