By Ruth Richter • May 29, 2019

Blog|Three Tech Companies that Empowered Their Business with Sage Integration

“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” So said American sociologist Daniel Bell, and most of us today would not disagree. Technology connects us across the street, across countries, and across oceans. It helps us run our businesses and helps ensure the accuracy of our work.

Businesses leverage technology in different ways, as these three customers will attest. But all businesses can profit from having the right technology in place to drive their business forward. Learn more about how these three companies used IN-SYNCH® integration technology by ROI Consulting to connect their Sage 100 with other technologies for improved efficiency and business success.

Eternity Wireless

Eternity WirelessMajor carriers might sell you the phones, but when it’s time to find that perfect phone case, car mount, headset, or other cellular accessory, it’s time to turn to Eternity Wireless. Since 2001, Eternity Wireless has been distributing wholesale cellular accessories, rising to lead the market for the past 15 years. Their stock includes brand names such as Incipio, PureGear, UAG, Ghostek, Jabra, and Nest.

Being the best one-stop shop for OEMs, branded, and aftermarket accessories means running a tight ecommerce ship. For the best customer experience, Eternity Wireless chose Clearnine, an ecommerce platform optimized for their Sage 100 ERP. For the best order processing and fulfillment experience, Eternity Wireless knew they needed two-way integration between their Sage 100 and Clearnine systems. That came from IN-SYNCH. Its bi-directional integration saved time on even the most complex data entry and ensured orders were delivered on time for the ultimate customer experience.


EtherWAN Systems designs and manufactures connectivity products designed for harsh and demanding environments “When Connectivity is Crucial.” EtherWAN products can be found in factories, traffic control systems, utility facilities, IP networks and other applications that require stringent product reliability and quality.

With facilities in Anaheim, CA and Taipei, Taiwan, EtherWAN needs to coordinate sales, marketing, and engineering functions on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. In addition to their world-wide dealer network, the company sells products through their Magento ecommerce system. Fortunately, IN-SYNCH helps EtherWAN coordinate ecommerce sales and information between Magento and Sage 100, in real-time, across the globe.

Adaptable Computer, LLC

Most of us don’t think about what happens to a computer when we’re done using it, but all that technology must go somewhere, and it’s best if that “somewhere” isn’t a landfill. Adaptable Computer booted up in 2004 and has since grown into a leading provider of used and refurbished IT assets. If you’re looking to upgrade your systems, Adaptable Computer will work with you to purchase used assets, even offering data erasure services to ensure your sensitive business information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. For companies in need of reliable assets at an affordable price point, Adaptable Computer offers plenty of options on name-brand servers, PCs, laptops, hard drives, and more.

While most of their transactions are done direct, Adaptable Computer does offer certain assets for sale via eBay. Fortunately, IN-SYNCH’s ability to integrate directly with both Sage 100 and eBay means that Adaptable Computer can easily keep track of incoming and outgoing assets, manage a wide range of customized pricing based on availability, age, and features of each refurbished item.

Smooth Technology Integration with IN-SYNCH

No matter how you are using, buying, or selling technology, your business can operate confidently and efficiently with IN-SYNCH’s proven integration solution. Whether you’re brand new to ecommerce or have an existing site to integrate, ROI Consulting offers meticulous detail to ensure your Sage integration provides exactly what you need to offer your technology solutions to the world.

Find out how IN-SYNCH’s integration process can improve your ecommerce technologies today by contacting us online or calling 402-934-2223, 1.