By Ruth Richter • October 06, 2016

Blog|Three Reasons Why You Should Integrate Sage 100 with your e-Commerce Platform

Some customers wonder why they should integrate Sage with their e-commerce platform. Business seems to be going on as usual without integration, they say, so what is the point?

There are many good reasons why you should integrate Sage with your e-commerce platform. Below are three I’ve highlighted as some of the more typical reasons why integration is beneficial to your company. Click here for more information on Sage 100 integration. Learn more about IN-SYNCH, our application that makes it easy to integrate Sage with multiple e-commerce platforms.

Three Reasons to Integrate Sage with Your e-Commerce System

If you have a stand-alone e-commerce platform, there are many good reasons to integrate Sage 100 into your e-commerce system. Sage 100 offers a powerful platform that can help you analyze, share, and report on financial and other data within your company. Such information can be used for planning, forecasting, and managing all aspects of your e-commerce business. When it is integrated with your e-commerce system, you’ve gained even deeper insight into your operations.

These three reasons to integrate Sage with your existing e-commerce system are by no means exhaustive, but the three reasons we have found to be most important for our clients.

Reason 1: Provide customers with access to their accounts for self-management.

When you integrate Sage into existing e-commerce systems, you can give customers self-management rights to their data. This enables them to update existing information about their account, check order status and view order history on their own, 24/7. They do not have to wait to call you during business hours to check on this information. If customers frequently call your office to ask for information, this can be a great time-saver and convenience for them.

Reason 2: Reduces manual order entry mistakes.

Separate systems often means keying data from orders into the ERP system manually. In addition to the extra time it takes for even the fastest typist to enter data into the ERP system, it is inevitable that mistakes occur. Sage 100 integrated with your e-commerce system means that data flows seamlessly between the e-commerce system and the ERP without manual re-typing of information. It eliminates one point at which mistakes can enter the ERP, and reduces error and shipping mistakes.

Reason 3: Time-saver for your entire staff.

Separate systems cause gaps that must be closed by manual labor. Rekeying orders into the accounting system is just one area where maintaining separate systems takes up additional staff time. By integrating Sage 100 with your e-commerce system, you save time for many people throughout your organization. This time can now be better spent on other tasks such as customer service, marketing, and business planning.

Easy Integration with IN-SYNCH

To integrate Sage with your e-commerce platform, an application such a IN-SYNCH makes the process easier. IN-SYNCH can easily integrate many popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce and many others with Sage 100 (MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP).

ROI Consulting has experience with Sage integrations using IN-SYNCH for almost 20 years. Many of our integrations are complex projects requiring us to synch up multiple carts. These projects require tight synchronization of data from different shopping cart systems, and often results when companies buy out other companies, add divisions, or upgrade one division without changing others. The resulting network of e-commerce carts creates a complicated integration. We have the experience and knowledge to seamlessly integrate Sage 100 with most e-commerce platforms so that you can transform your operations.

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