By Ruth Richter • August 22, 2017

3PL integration with Sage 100|Third Party Logistics Integration with Sage 100 Builds Strong, Profitable Businesses

While IN-SYNCH is a great tool for ecommerce integration, it can do so much more. Many of our customers are looking to ROI Consulting and IN-SYNCH to integrate third party logistics (3PL). Their approaches all differ, but the end result is the same: a stronger, more profitable business.


Mountain View Services Moves to 100% Automation

When Bob McKee entered the ecommerce arena, he didn’t give much thought to the future. The owner of Mountain View Services recalls that ecommerce was more of a whim than a plan. But today, Mountain View boasts a multi-million-dollar business. Mountain View needed to turn a time and labor-intensive process into a streamlined enterprise, and fast.

The solution came from ROI Consulting and IN-SYNCH. Using IN-SYNCH, Mountain View Services was able to seamlessly integrate their Sage 100 accounting system with Amazon, eBay, and Volusion. Later, as the business grew, this also enabled them to work more easily with third party logistics suppliers. Orders could be processed automatically, with shipping information and tracking numbers exported back to Sage and their e-commerce store.

By automating this process, Mountain View Services minimized the need for staff involvement in orders. Their 100% automation has cut down on mistakes, improved customer satisfaction, and enabled them to grow their business beyond their wildest dreams. – Fromm Foods: Enhancing Communications and Service

Fromm Foods is a successful purveyor of pet foods. The company depends upon third party logistics providers for warehouse services as well as transportation services to ship their dog and cat food products nationwide.

The company uses NOP commerce for their front-end website, with orders flowing from the site into Sage 100. Sage 100 then provides reports, but neither system integrated with the variety of systems used by their third-party logistics providers.

ROI Consulting’s IN-SYNCH provided the solution. Now, Fromm Foods can communicate orders easily to their logistics providers, while the logistics providers can provide updated information that flows directly into Sage. The results include better communication and customer service for their end purchasers.


The Fulfillment House: Flexible Sage Integration

As their name suggests, The Fulfillment House is a third-party logistics provider. Based in Yardville, New Jersey, they provide complete outsourced fulfillment services from handling through shipping. Their goal is to provide such seamless service that retail customers don’t even know they exist; they want the customer to feel like they are part of the retailer’s operations.

The Fulfillment House needed Sage 100 integration with multiple carts since each of their clients used a different system. Such flexibility wasn’t easily found in the marketplace until they learned of IN-SYNCH.  IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting provided the platform through which Sage integration was possible. With its ability to integrate easily with many shopping carts including Amazon, eBay, Magento and more. IN-SYNCH gave The Fulfillment House the smooth integration they sought and fulfilled their mission of invisible integration.


IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting

Sage integrations can take many forms including 3PL, B2B portals, B2C ecommerce. With so many customers and suppliers expecting a complete on-line experience, finding one software that can facilitate integration with regardless of the application can be difficult.

IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting provides seamless integration with Sage 100. Improve service, communications, and response time with IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting. For more information, contact us or call 402-934-2223 x1.