By Ruth Richter • July 28, 2016

Blog|The Top Three Challenges Facing e-Commerce Today

Top three, you ask? Only three? Look, we all know that running an e-commerce site is challenging. Running any business, even in the best of times, is a challenge. Most e-commerce owners thrive on that challenge. Still, there are certain issues e-commerce owners face that are unique to their field. I’d like to take a look at three top issues facing e-commerce owners and talk about what might help you successfully overcome them.


Your Top Three Challenges: Facing and Overcoming Obstacles 

  1. Keeping your website data secure.

Hackers have grown bolder and more sophisticated over time. Today’s site hack may not be as obvious as it once was. Worms, viruses, you name it; it’s ugly and it happens. When it does happen, your site may be down or it may infect other computers. Worse, sensitive customer data may be accessed and stolen for nefarious purposes.

Solution: Cloud-based e-commerce sites and ERP systems like Sage 100 can keep your data more secure than site-based systems. Cloud systems are on shared servers and usually have better security than an individual business can put into place. It’s often less vulnerable to attacks than a stand-alone website.

  1. Multi-channel shopping solutions.

You’ve got a storefront, a mail order catalog, vendors who resell your products, and your own e-commerce site … and you’ve got four separate shopping carts and backend systems supporting them. You feel like you’re going broke on tech support. You worry that updating all four systems the way you’ve been doing in the past will eventually lead to a big mistake that loses your company money.

Solution:  Consider finding an e-commerce solution that works across multiple channels with a flexible integration into Sage 100. Sage 100 integration offers you an easy way to integrate e-commerce sites into your ERP system. You aren’t locked into four distinct systems. You can add and expand on your system as needed. In addition, this type of integration is often more cost-effective than an integrated system.

  1. Your e-commerce platform isn’t updating with real-time data, so you are never sure of stock levels.

When the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, you’re left with unhappy customers who have to be told after the fact that you can’t fill their orders. Worse, your website may be reporting something is out of stock when new merchandise just arrived in the warehouse. You need systems that talk (and listen) to each other!

Solution: Sage Amazon, Sage Magento … Sage 100 integration helps you integrate these and many other popular shopping carts with your existing ERP system. Sage users enjoy the benefit of seamless integration using IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting. It can make this nightmare a thing of the past!


Sage 100 e-commerce Makes It Easier to Sell Online

 Sage 100 e-commerce customers will find that IN-SYNCH integrates your Sage 100 system smoothly with most major e-commerce platforms. With Sage 100 integration, your site smoothly synchronizes with your ERP System, making data transmission easy and fast.

ROI Consulting can help you with Sage 100 integration. We are the home of IN-SYNCH, a tool built to help e-commerce companies build a better business through integration. When your ERP system integrates with your shopping cart, both you and your customers benefit.

If you’re looking for help overcoming your Sage 100 integration problems, then contact ROI today. Visit ROI or call 402-934-2223 x1.