By Ruth Richter • September 08, 2016

Adobe Commerce (Magento)|The Many Benefits of Magento and Sage 100 Integration

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Magento is a powerful e-commerce tool that powers your website. Sage 100 powers the rest of your business, making it easy to send invoices, track accounts, and get the big picture overview of your company. But the two are like feuding neighbors who coexist without speaking. It would be easier to plan the neighborhood block party if they would at least exchange pleasantries, but if they actually sat down over a cup of coffee and freely shared their information? Success!

If you’ve considered integrating Magento and Sage 100 but were afraid it would be a lengthy, drawn-out process, we can assure you that at ROI Consulting, integration can take place within two weeks for most clients. And rather than being a cumbersome or bothersome chore, we make it easy for our clients to visualize and conceptualize the many business benefits they can achieve from a successful integration. We do everything in our power to make integration seamless for our customers.

The Benefits of Integration 

Integration offers many benefits to your business. These include:

  • Better order data: All ordering data now flows through from your website into your accounting system. You can view the information or have it route directly to your warehouse and fulfillment operations. It can even route to drop-ship suppliers or third-party vendors.
  • Increased visibility: Customers can see the shipping status immediately. Your accounting and fulfillment departments can run reports without any manual data entry. Everything is visible and easy to access.
  • Automatic updates: Inventory counts are automatically updated.
  • Easier updates: Update product data, SKUs and other information from one source. You can even update pricing from one source, too.
  • Customize it: Products with unique features are no trouble at all. You can enter the information easily into one system and handle custom features on an order.

ROI Consulting has been integrating Magento and Sage 100 for many customers over the years. We are highly experienced at handling integrations with minimal to no disruption to your business. If you are considering integrating your shopping cart and Sage 100, now is a great time to contact us and start the process.

Easier Data Means Better Business 

It’s amazing how much time and productivity is lost to manual data entry and separate systems. Imagine those two feuding neighbors again, Mr. Magento and Mrs. Sage. If Mr. Magento and Mrs. Sage aren’t speaking, it will take the neighborhood block party committee twice as much time to share information to the two parties. But if Mr. Magento and Mrs. Sage are friends again and communicating freely with each other, they can attend the same block party meeting, share information, and make sure they order the bouncy castle and hot dogs without delay.

Your e-commerce site and back-end operations aren’t as simple as two neighbors not speaking, but the analogy is clear: without integration, productivity is lost. Time is spent conducting manual data entry on multiple systems. Reports may be manually created and run. Customers do not get the ordering information they desire, and your warehouse may not be up to speed on the latest orders, either.

ROI Consulting makes integrations and upgrades easier for your company. We work with you to understand the business challenges that you face and to help you select the best tools for your needs. With products such as IN-SYNCH, integration with your e-commerce platform and shopping cart becomes easier than you ever thought possible.

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