By Ruth Richter • December 21, 2018

Blog|The Easiest Integration Process You’ll Ever Try

IntegrationDid you know that by 2020, global retail ecommerce sales are projected to reach $4 trillion? That’s 14.6 percent of total retail spending in the year 2020. Established ecommerce sites are excited about this growth potential. If you haven’t set up additional infrastructure for that level of growth, you could simply find yourself with more and more problems due to order volume.

One easy way to set yourself up for future (or even immediate!) success includes integration. Ecommerce integration connects the ecommerce site to other online sales channels and back-end systems, such as ERP and POS.

Overwhelmed by Planning? You’re Not Alone.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything involved in integrating your ERP: POS, shipping, and other areas—not to mention that a successful integration requires a lot of thought and planning. Many companies feel they’ll never finish the integration process because it becomes more complicated than they initially anticipated.

The good news is that the right integration partner will have already been through this process with other companies, multiple times. They’ll have a process in place and can walk you through start to finish, and you don’t have to fear getting lost somewhere in the middle.

Integration with ROI Consulting

Over the past 20+ years, ROI Consulting has perfected our integration project process for your benefit. With this process, you’ll avoid traditional pitfalls such as not clearly defining objectives and internal processes, lack of planning or testing, and not forecasting for future growth. Here’s how we’ll walk you through:

  • Discovery: We’ll talk through what you’re trying to do and dive deeper into the tasks at hand.
  • Proposal: After the discovery call, we’ll supply you with a written proposal based on our discussions.
  • Requirement Questionnaire: No need to worry about the small details getting lost in the shuffle. ROI Consulting will prepare and send a customized questionnaire to help you list every specific detail across your systems. We want to minimize surprises on both sides! We’ll lead a kick-off call with stakeholders after that and prepare for launch.
  • Installation, Building, Mapping, and Customizing: Let your IT team take a break. ROI Consulting will handle the installation, connections, mapping, and do all the prep work to get your integration setup ready for testing.
  • Internal Testing: Once everything is connected, our team will run internal testing to ensure everything works according to the outlined specs.
  • User Acceptance Testing: We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. After we’re done testing, we want to make sure everything works the way your end users need and expect it to work. End user testing will include simulated transactions for test companies. Once we’ve smoothed out all the ripples, it’s time to schedule the official launch date.
  • Go Live: Your systems are integrated and working as expected!

What Makes us Different?

You might be thinking that this process sounds pretty universal and not exclusive to ROI Consulting. So, what sets us apart?

First, we have a deep understanding of our programs and capabilities. You won’t close a deal with a salesperson who may only have surface-level knowledge of the product and could over-promise and under-deliver. You’ll discuss your project with the engineers who work on the program. If they say the program can do what you need it to, it’ll do what you need it to.

Secondly, ROI Consulting is a Sage 100-centric company. We live and breathe Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud. Consider us an extension of your Sage partner team that specializes in integration and automation. Our vast experience with Sage and its associated platforms means you benefit from stronger solutions with good value that work the way they’re supposed to with relatively little support needed.

If you still need some convincing after all that, we’re happy to connect you to other customers who will share unbiased opinions about their experience with ROI Consulting and our integration process.

Integrate with ROI Today

It’s a new year, with new budgets, and new opportunities to succeed. If integration is on your list to accomplish this year, let ROI Consulting walk you through this process. Integration may be complicated, but we can shoulder the burden and make this process pain-free for your company, your budget, and your end users. Schedule a call with us today, or reach us directly at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.