By Ruth Richter • June 09, 2016

Blog|Summertime and the Sage 100 Integration is Easy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You’ve probably heard the lyrics, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” I’d like to modify that a bit to, “Summertime…and the integration is easy.” We’ve made integrating websites and Sage 100 accounting systems easy for our customers by implementing IN-SYNCH and cart connectors.

These four customers find that late spring and summertime is their busiest season. With customers flocking to their website to order products, they can’t afford any down time. They need data, and they need it fast. They also need speedy ways to upload product information to the website to update it in time for their busy season.

ROI Consulting helped each of these companies achieve their Sage 100 integration goals. We helped connect their ecommerce sites to their accounting systems. And while it wasn’t exactly easy on our end, it was for them, making their lives a lot simpler. Let’s take a look at how integration helped make their businesses a whole lot better.


The surf’s up and you’re ready to ride the waves … but you can’t get traction. That’s where Mr. Zog’s Sexwax comes into the picture. This product, loved by surfers worldwide since the 1970s, helps surfers grip their surfboards no matter what the weather conditions.


With orders flowing into their ecommerce site from both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as well as countries as far away as Japan, the company knew they needed better integration between their ecommerce site and their accounting system. IN-SYNCH helped them integrate orders, tracking, and inventory seamlessly so that they could better manage their business. Their Clearnine ecommerce platform, IN-SYNCH and Sage 100 integration helped them run a terrific business.



Backpacking through some uncharted territory? Canoeing the backwaters? Then you probably know and need Neilson-Kellerman’s rugged instruments for outdoor enthusiasts. The rugged, waterproof instruments help people who love the outdoor lifestyle navigate safely to their destinations.

When the company launched their redesigned website in 2013, they made it easier for customers to find products. But they still needed help with data integration. ROI Consulting recommended Magento and IN-SYNCH to connect their prices and products with their accounting system. Order processing is automated and customers get their products faster. Integration made everything easier for this company.





The name Alden-Leeds is synonymous with quality pool and spa chemicals. The company pioneered the product of slow and quick dissolve chlorine tablets, both of which made caring for pools and spas a lot easier for customers. For over 50 years, the company has provided the best chemicals and equipment for pools and spas.

As you can imagine, they’ve got a big inventory to manage. Thousands of SKUs on their PrestaShop ecommerce platform could quickly become cumbersome. Using IN-SYNCH for Sage 100 integration, the connection between the accounting side and the ecommerce side made it a whole lot easier to manage the product inventory online. Custom reports and bidirectional synchronization made the task complete for this leader in the pool and spa industry.

Summer wouldn’t be complete without enjoying time outdoors. For people who love their gardens and outdoor entertaining, adding a pond or water feature is the quintessential experience. makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy their backyard ponds by providing the best liners, pumps, filters, decorations, plants, and fish for an aquatic environment.

The company purchased IN-SYNCH in 2010 to  integrate their rapidly growing sales with Sage 100. In 2016, ROI assisted the company with moving their on-line business to nopCommerce, our second nopCommerce integration this year!  The results speak for themselves: better data, better integration, and better support for their business.


ROI Consulting Making It Easier Than Ever to Integrate Systems

These companies prove that Sage 100 integration can be easy, or at least a whole lot easier, than you might have thought. With ROI Consulting by your side, you can integrate your ecommerce site with Sage products to achieve better data, better inventory management, and order fulfillment.easy_button

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