By Ruth Richter • June 23, 2016

Blog|Summer Fun Made Easier Through Sage 100 Integration

What would summer be without the 4th of July? In many parts of the country, Memorial Day kicks off the summer season. But we think that the 4th of July actually starts the summer off with a bang. What could be more summer-like than fireworks under the stars, corn on the cob, and fresh watermelon dripping with icy sweet juice?

All of that fun comes to us courtesy of vendors who make sure that stores are stocked with just what you need to get your 4th of July off to a rocking start. These vendors sell everything from fireworks to flags, and all needed a little bit of independence from their current systems. Their previous e-commerce methods weren’t working as well as they’d hoped, and they needed a bit of help moving forward.

That’s where ROI Consulting came into the picture. We helped these companies with Sage 100 integration so that their shopping carts and Sage 100 systems were fully synchronized. Tools like IN-SYNCH helped them build a better business. Here’s how we were able to help them gain their independence from poorly performing computer systems and bad synchronization.

Flag and Banner

Arkansas Flag and Banner started simply enough around the time of the Bicentennial. In 1975, an Arkansas woman named Kerry McCoy began selling American flags door to door. Over the past 40 years, the company evolved into a patriotic one-stop shop for American flags and banners of every kind. Flag poles, small flags, big flags, banners—you name it, they stock it.

With such growth came an ever-expanding number of SKUs and the information attached to it. To help manage their growth, Flag and Banner launched an e-commerce site. ROI Consulting was able to help them with Sage 100 integration, adding IN-SYNCH to their e-commerce store so that customer order information flowed smoothly into their ERP System. Today, the company can easily track customer orders and information.

Allied Flag

Have you ever wondered where the Department of Defense gets its American flags? Wonder no more. Allied Flag, part of Allied Materials and Equipment Co., Inc., has been a contractor for the department since 1965. The company is as American as apple pie, manufacturing and embroidering their flags in a huge plant in Louisiana and shipping from Kansas City, Missouri.

The company decided to expand its business by selling wholesale flags over the internet. A great idea, but with their complicated company structure, they had a lot of systems to integrate. Different areas were using Amazon, Volusia, and other companies.

With IN-SYNCH, Allied Flag was able to synchronize all channels into their ERP System. Now, whether it’s the Pentagon or a wholesale customer on the phone, they can keep track of orders easily and quickly.

Jake’s Fireworks

Now, what would the 4th of July be without fireworks? Thanks to companies like Jake’s Fireworks, sparklers, spinners, rockets, and novelties have enhanced celebrations for the past 75 years. The company sells through storefronts and pop-up retail sites like kiosks and tents. The company struggled to synchronize their warehouse data with retail systems and their ERP system. Multiple locations, plus an e-commerce site and warehouses, added to the challenge.

IN-SYNCH connected their warehouse management system, e-commerce system, and accounting data for one big-picture look at the business. Today they can celebrate a lot more easily knowing that IN-SYNCH’s got their back.

Is It Independence Day for Your Business?

Make today independence day for your business—independence from problems and hassles resulting from different systems, that is! With IN-SYNCH, your e-commerce site can transmit data smoothly among systems including Sage 100. It’s integration and independence in one.

Happy Independence Day!

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