By Ruth Richter • November 10, 2016

Blog|Should You Attempt Sage 100 E-commerce Integration Near the Holidays?

It may seem strange to contemplate Sage 100 e-commerce integration during the time of year when so many people are visiting your website. What if something goes wrong with the integration and the site is down? What then?

Let’s flip that scenario around and consider it from a different perspective. The holiday season is rapidly approaching. During this time of the year, many ecommerce businesses make a substantial portion of their annual gross sales thanks to holiday shopping. Are you spending extra time manually inputting sales data into Sage 100, or running reports through spreadsheets, or struggling to keep your website up to date? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your ecommerce platform was integrated with Sage 100?

Integrating your ecommerce platform with Sage 100 does not have to mean lost productivity, downtime, or disrupted customer service. On the contrary; ROI Consulting has handled many Sage 100 integrations with a wide range of ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, Magento, and other popular carts and platforms. When you have an experienced partner by your side, Sage 100 integration appears effortless.

The Benefits of an Experienced Sage 100 Integration Partner

ROI Consulting has handled many Sage 100 integrations over our company’s 20-year history. We have worked with all of the popular web shopping carts and even developed an application, IN-SYNCH, to make it easier.

But there are more reasons why your company benefits when you work with an experienced integration partner. These benefits include:

  1. Minimize impacts: An experienced integration consultant knows the ramifications and impacts of each decision on your overall business. They can advise you on how to proceed so that everything flows smoothly from pre to post-integration.
  2. Reduce effort: Those who have completed projects in the past know the shortcuts, tips, and techniques to keep projects running on-time and on-budget. When you work with an experienced integration partner, you will perceive less effort because the entire project will go more smoothly. Experience counts.
  3. Anticipation of problems: Experience also tells when it comes to anticipating potential problems and challenges. An experienced integration partner understands areas that can be tricky to navigate during integration and can avoid or overcome them by using techniques gleaned from previous projects.
  4. Better information: IN-SYNCH offered by ROI Consulting provides fast, accurate, bidirectional data from your website to your back-end system. You’ll have accurate, timely information upon which to make quick decisions.
  5. Reliable service: ROI Consulting has been in business for many years, serving clients throughout the area. We offer reliable service and excellent support throughout your project and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Why Wait to Implement Sage 100 e-commerce Integration?

If the holiday shopping season is already here for your business, don’t delay with Sage 100 e-commerce integration. Sage 100 e-commerce integration makes every aspect of your business easier.

  • Website and database integration can help you with:
  • Accurate and real-time stock counts.
  • In-stock and out of stock messages on your website.
  • Accurate pricing and margins.
  • Improved forecasting and budgeting.
  • Better customer service and shipping.

For many businesses, the holidays are a make-or-break situation. Companies often rely upon the holiday shopping season to make up any previous shortfalls or to help them exceed projections. To do this, however, you need to focus time and effort onto the tasks that will make the biggest impact. With Sage 100 e-commerce integration, you’ll have faster, more reliable data that will help you make better business decisions. So why wait until the holidays are over? Sage 100 e-commerce integration can help you now.

We invite you to contact ROI Consulting today to learn more about IN-SYNCH. Please call us at (402) 934-2223 ext. 1 to discuss your needs with an experienced consultant.