By Ruth Richter • July 25, 2017

Amazon|Sell Online with Sage 100 & Amazon Integration from IN-SYNCH

It takes outstanding service to rise to the top on Amazon. That’s why service-oriented companies such as Origin Micro, Tiger Supplies, and Albatross focus on customers (and not on data-entry) using fast and accurate Sage 100 & Amazon integration software from ROI Consulting.

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Origin Micro Uses Synced Data to Help Build Your Network


In the past 20 years, Origin Micro has become the leading independent distributor for premium, name-brand networking and connectivity hardware delivered in new, factory-sealed condition. With small and large products such as network switches, routers, firewalls, VoIP, and network connectivity tools—all from a wide range of today’s leading IT brands—Origin Micro is committed to saving customers money on the top-quality IT products SMBs need to stay competitive.

In addition to offering time and cost savings to their customers, Origin Micro differentiates themselves with same-day shipping. To meet this goal, they don’t have time to use error-prone duplicate data entry to input their marketplace and website e-commerce orders into Sage 100—and they certainly wouldn’t want one of their customers to receive an incorrect product in a critical IT emergency. Since the company had the goal to sell on Amazon as well as eBay and Walmart, they joined the ChanelAdvisor system. This enables them to send a single product data feed to the ChannelAdvisor system, where it’s transformed and optimized to sync with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart marketplaces. As orders and performance information flow back through the ChannelAdvisor system, results are measured and broken down for Origin Micro to analyze performance. However, they needed to also get the orders into their Sage 100 system. Therefore, Origin Micro uses IN-SYNCH from ROI to integrate with Sage 100 and ChannelAdviser—so they can respond to orders in real time and process payments quickly.


Tiger Supplies Delivers Grrreat Service with Sage 100 & Amazon


Before their inception in 1994, Tiger Supplies founders worked as architecture and engineering account executives where they realized that they weren’t reliably getting the service and products they wanted from any of their partner companies. To address this problem, they opened Tiger Supplies, which provides engineers and architects with the supplies they need, including drafting and art supplies, surveying equipment and supplies, construction lasers, and large file document storage solutions. Tiger Supplies’ commitment to quality assures their customers they’ll always receive the best-quality solution for their needs, and the company’s focus on customer service makes the ordering process easy.

In fact, Tiger Supplies is so committed to service that they launched an online store in 2011, providing customers across North America with a wide range of products and a same-day shipping guarantee. To accomplish this, in 2015 they purchased IN-SYNCH to connect their Amazon, eBay, and BV Commerce platforms to their Sage 100 system, ensuring seamless sales and order information without redundant data entry—even across multiple channels! The FBA activity was so high on Amazon, in 2017 the company automated the settlement report and new item creation which has saved staff a great deal of time and effort.


Albatross Keeps You Covered with Seamless eCommerce Integration


Since 1898, Albatross has provided New York City’s garment industry with the cleaning fluids necessary for effective garment production. Though most companies would simply continue selling the product that had kept them going for over 100 years, Albatross isn’t most companies. They went on a mission to provide cleaning and reclaiming chemicals and equipment for all phases of the textile industry, serving textile mills, garment factories, screen printers, and embroiderers with the solutions they need to do their job well.

Serving such a wide range of customers means that Albatross is required to maintain a deep and varied base of products on their e-commerce site. But with many products come many potential data-entry errors, and to stay true to their mission of delivering customer service and cost effectiveness, Albatross can’t risk errors. That’s why Albatross uses the ever-reliable IN-SYNCH integration from ROI Consulting to power their Amazon connector, so orders flow directly to their Sage 100 system and so they can generate tracking information to send to their customers via Amazon.


Sage 100 & Amazon Synchronization Makes It Easier to Run Your Online Business

Staying ahead of thousands of orders, day and night, requires impressive organization and time management abilities. Companies that choose IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting can achieve those efficiency goals with the system’s real-time, bi-directional sync between your Sage 100 system and Amazon online shopping cart.

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