By Ruth Richter • December 15, 2016

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Data from Sage 100 Integration Helps Build a Better Marketing Engine for Your Company

Data derived from Sage 100 integration with your e-commerce shopping cart can help you build a bigger, more competitive business.

E-commerce predictions for 2017 from Smart Insights, a digital marketing platform, indicate that while online shopping will continue to grow, competition will also increase. Brands both big and small are jumping into e-commerce. How well they perform in this new competitive environment depends to a great deal on the data available to them to run their business.

If you’d like more information on Sage 100 integration, contact ROI Consulting. Companies of all sizes trust ROI Consulting with their Sage 100 integration needs. We use IN-SYNCH, a Sage 100 Gold Developer application, to integrate shopping carts and other systems with Sage 100. Even if you’ve been told it’s too difficult to do with your system, call us; we can help.

Using Data to Build Better Sales

Data derived from Sage 100 integration with your shopping cart can be used to drive sales. Here are a few of the many ways this can be accomplished:

  1. Better inventory data: When sales flow automatically from your front-end cart system into Sage 100, you’ll be able to see what is selling and what needs to be replenished. You can’t sell what you don’t have in stock, and customers may be frustrated by ‘out of stock’ notices on your site. Fast action from bidirectional and real-time data can help you reorder quickly to keep those virtual shelves stocked.
  2. Faster sales reports: Like stock reports, sales reports can help you make better decisions. When you know you’re low on stock, you can reorder. When something isn’t selling, you can use the information to put products on sale. You can use this information to feed into digital marketing campaigns such as special emails, customer-only sales events and more. Good data can drive your digital marketing and help you increase orders even when you thought merchandise wasn’t moving.
  3. Interconnected data: Retail reports indicate that most households use both mobile devices and desktop units to access the web. All of this technology must feed seamlessly into Sage 100 to analyze and report on the big picture details of your company. With the right Sage 100 integration tool in place, your data will be clean, streamlined, real-time and accurate. IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting helps ensure that the data you receive from your shopping cart is accurate and timely.
  4. Improved data access: Providing web portals to sales representatives and customers can make it easier for everyone to access the data they need. Your sales portal will help your sales team to be more effective and productive. A customer portal can improve customer service with easy access to existing orders and invoices as well as another means to place new orders.

Affordable Sage 100 Integration

One of the many benefits from IN-SYNCH is that it makes Sage 100 integration affordable and attainable for many businesses. You most likely do not need to hire a special programmer or computer specialist to complete the integration. The team at ROI Consulting works with you directly to ensure that your project is completed satisfactorily. The resulting Sage 100 integration will make your entire e-commerce engine run more smoothly for sales, marketing, and operational improvements.

ROI Consulting is the home of IN-SYNCH, a unique system we developed for Sage 100 integration with many popular shopping carts. Whether you need to integrate a popular cart such as Amazon, Magneto, Nop Commerce, Big Commerce or others with Sage 100 or you’re working with a custom built system, IN-SYNCH can help.  Looking for a new Sage 100-optimized ecommerce solution?  Ask us and we can point you in the right direction!

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