By Shane • April 07, 2016

Blog|Scalable Sage 100 E-Commerce Integration

Scalable Sage 100 E-Commerce Integration: One Sage 100 Integration Tool = First Cart, Second Cart, New Merchant Channel and so on

Small businesses gain significant advantages by moving into e-commerce and expanding their sales online. Once their initial web store solution is set up, they can capture new revenue without incurring significant overhead and selling costs. But why stop there? For many businesses, it makes sense to expand their Internet sales presence by adding new channels. This will mean integrating new web stores and shopping carts. When businesses are planning to expand, they need tools that will facilitate their growth and scale up with them.

Using an integration tool like IN-SYNCH enables Sage 100 users to integrate with unlimited shopping carts and third party systems. Flexible and scalable Sage 100 e-commerce integration is necessary to support business expansion strategies.

IN-SYNCH offers unique benefits for Sage 100 e-commerce integration

IN-SYNCH has a mix of capabilities and benefits that are unique in the Sage 100 world. Here are some things that set this tool apart:

  • Proven technology. When you use IN-SYNCH for Sage 100 integration, you can rest assured that you are working with a tool that has been tested and used successfully in over 500 companies.
  • Out of sight, out of mind. You can rest easy that once the implementation of your new integration solution is completed, IN-SYNCH runs in the background and requires very little interface and maintenance. Instead of redundant data entry, you can focus on more productive tasks such as entering more items to sell.
  • Flexible capabilities. IN-SYNCH is so flexible and scalable that it can be used to integrate Sage with an unlimited number of shopping carts and third party systems. IN-SYNCH can integrate Sage 100 with any of these 30 popular shopping carts. And if a particular shopping cart platform isn’t on the list, we can create a custom integration.
  • Secure data exchanges. Any Internet-based transaction needs the latest in security. IN-SYNCH uses the most secure architecture possible as data exchanges are initiated and controlled from within the Sage 100 server.
  • Bidirectional data with real-time synchronization. All of the relevant data is synchronized between Sage 100 and the third party system, no matter where the data originates. This synchronization is automatic as the changes and updates occur.
  • Independent solutions. Even when one system is down, the other stays up. Synchronization of data occurs automatically once the both systems are back in operation.
  • Rapid response time. Online shoppers and Sage 100 users expect fast communication times. IN-SYNCH uses data mirroring methods that enable rapid updates to orders, customer data, and more.

ROI Consulting has satisfied customers who can testify to the unique benefits of IN-SYNCH. Here is what Adam Buchanan, Director of Ecommerce at Venturi, Inc. has to say, “In 2013, Venturi, Inc. integrated our Sage 100 ERP accounting system to synchronize automatically with our Magento, Amazon and eBay shopping carts using In-SYNCH. We had prior experience with another integration solution and learned the hard way that you need to select the best in the business when it comes to data integration. And we have been very happy with IN-SYNCH ever since!”

Learn more about how IN-SYNCH has helped over 500 customers integrate Sage and accelerate their business.