By Ruth Richter • September 22, 2016

Blog|Sage Integration Prepares Your e-Commerce Site for Tech-Savvy Shoppers

Sage integrationSage integration can prepare your website for the new wave of tech-savvy shoppers. These shoppers take technological advancements for granted. If your site doesn’t meet their expectations, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

A new study by Internet Retailer magazine indicates that tech-savvy customers are shaping the face of e-commerce. These people—mostly Millennials, but other demographics too—bring certain expectations to their shopping experiences. Because Millennials and so-called “Power Shoppers” are heavy e-commerce users, their demands and requests are making an impact on how e-commerce retailers use technology to fuel their operations.


Technology Powers the Shopping Experience 

These new shoppers are used to technology powering every area of their lives. They expect the same from their digital shopping experience, too. Responsive web design isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. A tech-savvy retailer gets their business, while an older, clunkier site is deemed untrustworthy by these shoppers. They want and demand a seamless, streamlined shopping experience, and do not understand why every retailer can’t offer it to them.


Almost Half of All Purchases Are Made Online 

Approximately 40% of all purchases last year were made online. Store-only purchases stand at 20%, and that number continues to decline while the number of people turning to online shopping is rising.

People value the ease, convenience, and selection of items online. What used to be limited to only portions of the country or big cities can now be purchased by anyone, anytime. Small retailers can offer unique boutique selections that appeal to specialized tastes. It’s an amazing and profitable time for retailers—as long as they are able to adapt to new technologies.


Flexible Delivery Options

Shoppers also want their online purchases delivered to multiple locations. They want one transaction, but some packages delivered to their home, some to the office, and a gift sent elsewhere. Companies who cannot accommodate these changes will get left behind in this “brave new world” of e-commerce.


Make Sure Your Company’s Systems Are Up to Date 

Consumer demand has always driven stores to keep pace. Whether customers want poodle skirts or mini skirts, platform shoes or high heels, it’s what drives retailers to bring fresh, new products into their stores.

Today’s e-commerce sites must reflect customer demand in new ways. Inventory must continually be refreshed to appeal to new shoppers. Back-end systems and e-commerce platforms must keep pace. Customers don’t want to hear “no” when they ask if their order can be delivered to three separate locations. They don’t want to wait for stock updates or wait days to know when their order has shipped. Their expectations are high, and they’ll hold you accountable. If they aren’t satisfied, they’ll turn to your competitors, money in hand, and take their business elsewhere.


e-Commerce Integration 

A big step that you can take to ensure your systems are as responsive to customer demand as possible is to integrate your e-commerce platform with your Sage back-end systems. Sage integration enhances your operations, but it also makes a customer’s shopping experience more pleasant, too. With better data, you’ll be able to keep stock levels steady so you’ll always have products to fill orders. Customers can see shipping dates and other information, too.

Customers will continue to shop from vendors who keep up with the latest changes. E-commerce continues to grow, and is likely to surpass in-person shopping by the end of the decade. Companies who can keep up with the trends by integrating their systems and using data intelligently will be the ones ahead of their competitors, profitable and secure in this new world.


ROI Consulting 

ROI Consulting makes Sage integration and upgrades easier for your company. We work with you to understand the business challenges that you face and to help you select the best tools for your needs. With products such as IN-SYNCH, integration with your e-commerce platform and shopping cart becomes easier than you ever thought possible.

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