By Ruth Richter • September 01, 2016

Blog|Sage Integration Makes Outdoor Sports Companies’ Order Fulfillment Easier

Sage integrationSage integration helps our customers improve their businesses by making data easier to access and use. Through integration, companies can enhance customer service and improve their business model over time. That’s important for all businesses, but especially important for companies that tend to have seasonal business shifts. With the right tools and planning, these companies can ensure they have adequate stock to fill their orders.

This fall, we’re celebrating outdoor sports in all of their glory. Many people take advantage of September’s golden, warm days and cool evenings to enjoy a last trip out on the lake in their boat, or to go on a family hike. With the right gear, they enjoy their sports even more. The vendors profiled below offer gear, accessories, and more for all types of outdoor sports. It’s fun in the fall for our customers, and easier data management thanks to Sage integration.

Sunday Afternoons 

As Sunday Afternoons puts it, “Sunny days aren’t over yet!” (Hurry! You can still shop their “end of summer” sale!) This company offers men, women, and kids perfectly crafted hats for everything you do under the sun. They want to help their customers enjoy Sunday afternoons by exploring the outdoors with their families. Starting out as a family business and cutting fabric on their living room floor, they now distribute their hats in over 30 countries worldwide. Today, whether you are climbing a mountain, out on a boat, or enjoying a family picnic, they have the hat for you.

Sunday Afternoons has kept current over the years with updated branding and a website presence. They recently replaced their Sage 100 integrated Magento website with a new custom-coded shopping cart and WordPress-based website. This is the second integration ROI has performed for Sunday Afternoons. The flexibility of being able to replace the website and still maintain the integration was key. The new cart is integrated to push paid orders to Sage 100 and can access up-to-the minute pricing, inventory status, and tracking information. All of this provides a very smooth, enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

Misty Mate 

Misty Mate products keeps you cool when you need to beat the heat. Their personal misters are being used in football stadiums, amusement parks, patios, and more. Because their systems are affordable and easy to install, their misting system could be the hit of your next backyard party. Through the Cool Our Troops Organization over 179,000 Misty Mates have been provided to soldiers in the Middle East so they can get much-needed relief. In addition to misters, Misty Mate sells cool apparel—reusable towels, collars and caps.

All of these products are offered at Misty Mate’s ecommerce site as well as at Amazon, eBay, and other top retailers. To provide excellent service and maintain their A+ BBB rating, they needed an effective back-end to match the beautiful front-end of the website. Through IN-SYNCH, Misty Mate was able to automate payment processing and match products and prices to their accounting software. Now they have all the information they need to set course for a great future!

Tides Marine 

Tides Marine designs and manufactures shaft seals and bearings for a variety of marine craft. This equipment is used on rudders and boat propellers. Their high-quality products improve performance and reduce maintenance needs for many boats. They primarily provide their products to boat-builders serving a consumer audience.

The company sought a solution to their Sage integration needs. Their Open Cart website suited them, but they needed more data integrated with their inventory system. Now their Sage 100 inventory system and Open Cart work together seamlessly to propel their company forward on the ecommerce seas. It’s a great solution for a company that prides itself on outstanding customer service.

Be Our Next Success Story 

Your company can be our next success story. Integration is easy when you’ve got a professional by your side. ROI Consulting works with you to understand the business challenges that you face and to help you select the best tools for your needs. With products such as IN-SYNCH, integration with your ecommerce platform and shopping cart becomes easier than you ever thought possible.

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