By Ruth Richter • April 06, 2018

Blog|Sage 100c is Now Sage 100cloud: What that Means for Integration

Cloud ERP ecommerceInternet used to come on a CD-ROM in the mail from AOL. Now, plug in a cable or enter a Wi-Fi password, and the internet is up and running in seconds. As technology changes and improves, software has followed suit. Many software programs that we used to purchase on disk or CD are now simply web codes that plug into a website for a download.

Even ERPs are moving to this new subscription-based platform. Sage began offering its Sage 100 ERP as a subscription on the cloud under the name Sage 100c. Now that name even better reflects the capabilities of the platform: Sage 100c is now Sage 100cloud.

No matter which Sage 100 version you use, IN-SYNCH is the best way to integrate third-party systems such as e-commerce, customer portals, and 3PL. In fact, it’s been the best integration tool for 20 years starting with MAS 90 and MAS 200.

Is Your Head in the Cloud? Or is Your Software?

The cloud can be a fairly abstract concept. Data isn’t stored in fluffy white things above our heads. Instead, the cloud refers to software and/or services that run on the internet instead of a local computer or server. Data is then stored several different places and accessed by a network of servers to locate what you need and deliver it. Popular clouds that you may have heard of or even used before include Google Drive and Dropbox.

When your ERP is hosted on the cloud, you have additional benefits not offered by an on-premises solution. These benefits can include the ability to access ERP information from any internet-connected device, rather than always having to be in the office, easy deployment and implementation, and in many cases, a cost savings over on-premises ERPs. Using a cloud also enables your company to increase and update its ERP capabilities without having to buy an entire new service and migrate data.

The Benefits of Sage 100cloud

Sage 100cloud, however, offers the best of both worlds from on-premises and cloud-based ERPs. The ERP is hosted on premises, which provides greater control over data. Depending on your industry, you may be legally required to keep sensitive or regulated data in specific ways and specific locations (such as on-site). A solution such as Sage 100cloud affords you that control while offering plenty of other perks of a cloud-based ERP.

Sage 100cloud also easily incorporates third-party systems and integration solutions, such as IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting. With the cloud’s quick and easy access to ERP data plus IN-SYNCH’s real-time data synchronization with third-party systems, you’re set to achieve some of the fastest data access you’ve ever experienced! IN-SYNCH initiates all data exchanges from within the Sage 100cloud servers, ensuring that each data transaction remains secure and minimizing any down time due to security issues.

Is There a Cloud in Your Forecast?

There’s quite a forecast for more cloud solutions in the future. No matter what version of Sage 100 you’re running—100 or 100cloud—see what you can accomplish when you integrate your data using IN-SYNCH. Ready to integrate your Sage 100cloud data using IN-SYNCH? Contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.