By Shane • May 19, 2016

Blog|Sage 100 Software Integration Improves Collaboration and Efficiency

Over the course of many years, we have seen many Sage 100 integration projects. That experience has given us a broad view of the many benefits to seamless integration of Sage 100 software and data across the company. We’ve seen that Sage 100 software integration improves efficiency and enhances collaboration among the teams and departments in your company. It’s hard to imagine that a software can build teams, but when data is accessible through a system such as Sage 100, teams begin to work together better. Collaboration improves as efficiency increases. It’s a positive cycle that can carry over throughout your business.

Sage 100 Integration Improves Operational Effectiveness

Many companies wish to break down the walls that encase department silos. Thinking strategically and across departments can improve all areas. Integrating sales, marketing, finance, product development, manufacturing and service data can enhance cross-functional collaboration. When information is shared, departments can see the benefit of mutual collaboration and cooperation.

With Sage 100, you can facilitate this cooperation by making data sharing easy. The easier you can make sharing data, the more potential there is for users to collaborate and communicate. Data can be used to enhance both strategic thinking and internal strategic partnerships.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system such as Sage 100 integrates departments, processes and data throughout your company. When all departments add to the ERP database, and all share in its information, everyone can work together. When you integrate Sage to other workhorse applications, you can improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Sage 100 integration can greatly improve operation efficiency, especially within key departments in your company.

  • Customer Service: Your sales team needs access to customer data in the field. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can deliver a more personalized customer experience. With Sage 100 integration with your CRM, you can complete orders in the field, enter important customer information into your ERP and capture payments seamlessly. The data are transferred instantly to the ERP providing the other departments with the customer and sales information they need.
  • Sales: Processing customer sales, at the point of sale, using correct pricing and up-to-the minute inventory levels directly from the ERP allows the team to focus on closing out sales with little concern about the technology tools.
  • Marketing: Using ERP system sales and operational data, marketing can analyze trends and performance of products allowing them to adapt quickly to changes in customer requirements.
  • Finance: Accurate and timely information is key to giving finance and accounting the tools they need to evaluate costs, follow cash flow, and manage assets. Your ERP accounting software seamlessly integrates with other departments so that data is only entered once.
  • Operations: Manufacturing and warehousing are important pieces of operational excellence. Automation enables operations to be accurate and efficient. When systems are still paper, inventory counts in the ERP are not updated until the data is keyed into the system meaning that individuals accessing the system have an inaccurate reflection of quantities. Inaccurate data result in shipping errors, broken promises to customers, lost sales and poor inventory levels. Clearly these problems have a negative effect on the company bottom line. When your manufacturing and warehouse management systems are connected to your ERP system, production and inventory data are accessible to other departments so they can do their job better. Any changes made to the ERP data are instantly available in the warehouse.
  • Field Service: Field service personnel need access to real time information on the ERP. Mobile field services capabilities integrated with your enterprise resource planning system should be a vital part of your field service strategy. These solutions can improve your service technician’s productivity, increase efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

With so many positive outcomes possible through integration, it makes sense to explore how Sage 100 integration can benefit your company. Collaboration, communication, and enhanced efficiency are desirable outcomes for any business system.

ROI Consulting provides data synchronization with any third party system for customers who use Sage 100. Our IN-SYNCH system seamlessly integrates and synchronizes all relevant data between Sage 100 and other systems such as an e-commerce shopping cart, CRM database or warehouse management system. Contact us to learn more.