By Ruth Richter • October 20, 2016

Blog|Sage 100 Shopping Cart Integration Offers Competitive Advantages

Sage 100 shopping cart integration offers many competitive advantages. According to an article in Internet Retailing, studies have shown that companies who embrace digital transformation, such as integrating shopping carts and ERP systems, generate 9% more revenue through existing assets, as well as outperform their peers by approximately 26%. It pays to integrate!

ROI Consulting can help you with Sage 100 shopping cart integration. IN-SYNCH, a powerful application built especially for Sage integrations, works with multiple shopping carts for seamless integration. For more information, contact ROI Consulting today.

Customer Expectations for e-Commerce

Internet retail has reached a mature phase where shopping online has become ubiquitous. Customers expect a certain level of professionalism and ease when they browse their favorite shopping portals and purchase items.

Certain elements of internet shopping are now taken for granted. Customers demand to see things like stock status on items, as well as updates on shipping times for their items. This is especially important around peak seasons like holidays, when consumers want to give items as gifts, or around other seasons that may be important to your business.

Competitive Advantage of Sage 100 Shopping Cart Integration

Consider companies that do not have Sage 100 shopping cart integration in place. These companies must manually update stock counts on the front-end of their website, and those counts will rarely be accurate for long. Customers may be frustrated at placing an order, only to find out later that the item was really out of stock at the time they placed their order. Used to real-time, accurate stock data from your competitors, they may not hesitate to take their business elsewhere.

Shipments may also be delayed if customers must wait for orders to be manually entered into ERP systems prior to shipping. Time-pressed staff may cut corners, make mistakes, or simply be unable to keep up with demand.

Sage 100 shopping cart integration removes all of these problems. By seamlessly integrating your shopping cart data with Sage 100, you can update customers instantly on the stock status of an item. Orders can be processed more quickly, with fewer errors, resulting in lower return rates and higher satisfaction rate. The competitive advantages of Sage 100 shopping cart integration are many.

Choosing the Right Integration Partner

It’s not enough to say “We need integration.” You must also choose the right integration partner.

The right partner brings to your business a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience. At ROI Consulting, we have worked with Sage 100 shopping cart integrations for over 20 years. We are familiar with many popular shopping carts and e-commerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, Amazon, and more. We can bring together multiple channels of shopping data into your Sage 100, Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 ERP system to synchronize data, reduce errors, and speed order processing time.

IN-SYNCH offers many benefits to streamline integration. It works across multiple cart systems, so if you need to connect many websites, it can handle it easily. Real-time synchronization eliminates delays in data arriving in your ERP system so that you will always have the latest information when you view it using your ERP dashboard. It enhances customer self-service, provides you with the data that you need to conduct business easily, and makes business planning easier.

For more information on Sage 100 shopping cart integrations using IN-SYNCH, please contact ROI Consulting. We welcome your call and the opportunity to help you solve your integration challenges. Contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223 ext. 1.