By Ruth Richter • September 29, 2016

Blog|Sage 100 Integrations for a Spicy Fall Treat

These Sage 100 integrations helped our customers make sure they could continue to sell supplies to bakeries, restaurants, and others who provide delicious treasures for the table.

Apple pie, pumpkin pie … what’s your favorite fall treat? It may be pumpkin-spice-everything at this time of year for you, or perhaps it’s apples and cinnamon everything. When the leaves tumble to the ground and the crisp fall breezes stir, many of us feel the urge to bake, cook, or enjoy some fall treats.

This week we thought we’d feature some of our Sage 100 integrations around a theme of baking and cooking. Many ecommerce stores find they need Sage 100 integration, but stores with hundreds of SKUs such as these companies found it to be essential to their growth and long-term success. Like adding yeast to make bread rise, adding Sage 100 integration via IN-SYNCH made these companies grow.


Dewey’s Bakery

With over 300 delicious ice cream flavors as well as sorbets, gelatos, and cakes such as Grandpa Coffee Cake, Dewey’s adds happiness to every celebration. Since 1930, the company has provided their luscious treats for every occasion. If you’re entertaining, chances are good there’s a Dewey’s product to welcome your guests.

Dewey’s selected the Clearnine website with IN-SYNCH which is seamlessly integrated with their Sage accounting software. Dewey’s now has a simplified sales and ordering process. Customers also see a simpler process on the front end, which means their treats can get there all the faster. Their customers lover their portal where they can see the status of all  of their orders.



Honeyville specializes in food storage and baking ingredients. The company offers both quality ingredients and storage options for home or business needs, including restaurant and bakery supply. Their fine selection of farm to family products includes rice, grain, flour, and seeds. New gluten-free products meet a growing demand for alternatives to traditional grains. A separate website, Preparewise, sells packaged freeze-dried emergency foods.

Honeyville struggled with a multi-cart online approach that did not synchronize their data. They turned to ROI Consulting for help. We suggested using IN-SYNCH with Sage 100 integration to gather their data and organize it into one easily managed stream. The company now has all of their various shopping carts gathered into one system so that they can manage it easily from the back end.


Colectivo Coffee

Since 1993, Colectivo Coffee has been sourcing coffees from origin and roasting every batch by hand. In addition to providing award-winning coffees, Colectivo offers Letterbox Fine Tea, Colectivo Keg Company beers, and made-from-scratch food, Troubadour artisan breads, and baked goods. Just in time for fall, they are offering their seasonal coffee, including Guatemala Mountain of Flowers and Kenya Bura. Their seasonal coffees are from smaller farms and highlight the best that each season has to offer.

Colectivo uses IN-SYNCH to send data back and forth between Sage 100 and their own custom-built Intranet. The Intranet is used by wholesale customers and their own cafe locations to place orders, analyze purchases and sales, and view custom reports. IN-SYNCH provides access to most tables out-of-the-box and gives them the ability to add on as needed. The flexibility of IN-SYNCH allows them to work dynamically with their data to better analyze their ever changing environment.


Better Data Means Better Business 

What these and many other ecommerce companies have found is that integrating their websites with Sage 100 offers many benefits. Customers have an easier ordering process while business owners receive real-time data to enhance their forecasting, shipping and customer service.  Sage 100 integrations is the missing ingredient for many of these companies; one which ROI Consulting can supply.


ROI Consulting 

ROI Consulting can help you integrate your ecommerce site with Sage products. IN-SYNCH, our proprietary platform, makes integration easy for our customers. Learn more or contact us at (402) 934-2223 ext. 1.