By Ruth Richter • April 17, 2018

Blog|ROI Customers Contribute to a Cleaner, Better Earth

On April 22, America celebrates Earth Day, a tradition dating back to 1970 that celebrates our environment and all the ways we can protect it for the health of our planet. Earth Day 2018 is specifically focused on reducing pollution caused by plastic. Plastic may seem convenient, but carries with it dire consequences, such as poisoning and injuring marine life, disrupting human hormones, and clogging waste streams and landfills. This year, Earth Day advocates will speak up to encourage the public to take a different approach with plastics for the preservation of Earth.

Plenty of companies around the country already have measures in place to reduce their environmental footprint, whether that’s plastic pollution, or other waste forms. Read more about how some of our customers have grown green over the years and help make the world a better place with their environmentally-friendly products.


Klean Kanteen

As Earth Day 2018 aims to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills, Klean Kanteen is ahead of the game. Since 2002, Klean Kanteen has been offering affordable and durable stainless-steel water bottles, mugs, food canisters, and accessories to offer alternatives that are safer for people and the planet. Their new Klean Coat finish is specially designed to stand up to the rigors of an active life, whether you’re climbing mountains or chasing toddlers. Plus, they donate one percent of their profits back to charities that support the restoration and preservation of the environment.

Klean Kanteen’s earth-friendly products are business-friendly, too, with the help of IN-SYNCH.



LogoUp began as an idea on a deli napkin in 2009. The company was formed out of a family embroidered apparel business and new, innovative ideas by its new young owners, Brian and Scott Roberts. They decided to expand the business to outfit teams of all kinds across America. Today, the company has earned national recognition as the 80th fastest growing company in America and the fourth fastest growing retailer. Using IN-SYNCH to integrate Sage 100 with their e-commerce site lets them eliminate manual practices that hinder growth.

LogoUp’s reusable bags are a great way to combat plastic pollution. Over 100 billion plastic bags are used by US shoppers every year. The average person uses a plastic bag for only 12 minutes, but a reusable bag can last for years.


Goal Zero

The idea for Goal Zero was birthed in 2007 with founder Robert Workman’s dream to empower individuals to get out of poverty. Goal Zero harnesses the power of the sun for portable solar-powered products. Their products have been instrumental in the face of devastating natural disasters such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Their power kits, lights, and adapters are instrumental in keeping life moving forward in the face of need.

With their new website and fresh Amazon integration using IN-SYNCH, Goal Zero is even better poised to bring light into the dark corners in easy, portable, and economically friendly ways. No matter where their products are purchased, IN-SYNCH assures integrated order delivery, from cart to doorstep.


Celebrate Earth Day… Every Day!

Each of these companies has something to be incredibly proud of: They are focused on leaving the Earth a better place than they found it. Whether it’s picking out a reusable water bottle or tote bag, choosing to recycle rather than trash, or harnessing clean and natural power, ROI is proud of every environmentally-friendly decision our customers make.

We hope you are inspired this Earth Day—and every day—to make green-smart decisions for your business and for your life so we can leave a better planet for future generations.