By Ruth Richter • July 13, 2018

Blog|ROI Celebrates 20: What You Gain from Our Longevity

Longevity in the tech world is relatively short compared to other industries, but no less impressive or important. In the past 20 years, ROI Consulting has matured like a fine wine. The best part, perhaps, is that our partners and customers have reaped the biggest benefits from our learning curve and longevity.

It is this reputation that precedes ROI Consulting wherever we go. We have scores of customer success stories on our website, yet few people ask us for references anymore. It’s not that they’re not doing their research. It’s that ROI’s reputation of excellence shows in its 20 years of partner referrals, 20 years of Sage developer license renewals, and even our rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Faster, Better, Stronger

Over the past two decades, ROI Consulting has honed its customer implementation process, as well. For our mainstay ecommerce integration projects, timelines have been finessed and improved. The implementations are uneventful and clean.  While we have standard and basic integrations for IN-SYNCH data synchronization, ROI also offers custom integration packages. The frequency of custom installations has grown, and this work has prepared us to tackle larger and more complex projects.  And ROI delivers. Every time.

But Wait, There’s More

ROI Consulting isn’t the only one winning from our longevity. We’re passing the benefits on to you. Some of the benefits you experience from ROI’s twenty-year history include:

  • Solutions that work: As we mentioned before, our longevity in the marketplace means we have a good finger on the pulse of how to do better with each project. ROI boasts continually improved processes and service. Unknowns are minimized, and any issues that do arise can be handled more swiftly due to ever-expanding experience.
  • Cost savings: We have extensive experience with presenting exactly what our customers need the first time helping both parties avoid unnecessary costs resulting from renegotiating or being forced to exit an existing contract early. These better relationships lower costs for relationship management and reduce the chance of extra cost due to failures.
  • Best pricing: With increased efficiency and reductions in losses due to mis-negotiated contracts or unmet expectations, ROI Consulting can pass the savings on to you. Our customers can be sure they are always offered the best and most fair price for our services and software.

Continuous Improvement

One final thing that you can count on—whether you’re a long-time ROI customer or just seeking us out to investigate what we have to offer—is that we will continue to improve for the foreseeable future for as long as Sage 100cloud is around. Learning from our customers empowers us to finesse our software and the implementation processes. We will strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations in all our services, whether you’re picking up the phone to ask a question or learning about us for the very first time.

Our commitment to you is continuous improvement, that we will continue to adapt and innovate in order to offer you the best products and services for ERPs and integration that the market can offer. We hope you’ll be around in the next 20 years to continue holding us to that promise.