By Ruth Richter • July 25, 2018

Blog|No More Band-Aid Solutions: Get IN-SYNCH!

IN-SYNCHAccording to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The first wealth is health.” With Americans spending an average of $9,596 on healthcare every year, it’s important that any dollar spent on medical equipment and supplies be a good one. If you’re in the medical equipment and supply business, one of the ways you can keep your products affordable to the average American is by keeping overhead low. This may mean investing in technology solutions that improve order fulfillment, shipping, tracking, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. See how these three companies did just that by adding IN-SYNCH by ROI Consulting to their ERP.


Founded in 1985, GeriMedix has since been on a mission to provide on-time delivery of cost-effective, high quality, long-term care products to residents, and support services for their caregivers. After years of visits to care facilities across the country, founders Harold Rubin and Joe Green were ready to start selling online, knowing they would need to keep to the commitment of delivery and attention that had distinguished them already.

Now home to an impressive online store carrying everything from batteries to beds, GeriMedix combined their Sage 100 ERP with Clearnine, an optimized solution that supports their e-commerce. Connecting Sage 100 with Clearnine is IN-SYNCH. Using bi-directional syncing and real-time inventory and order updates, GeriMedix can continue delivering on its delivery promise for utmost customer service and care.

Bandages Plus

For more than 20 years, Bandages Plus has been a leading supplier of compression therapy, providing bandages, foams and paddings, garments, and other products for individuals who suffer from lymphedema, venous conditions, or other forms of swelling. Their e-commerce store features more than 25,000 SKUs and is searchable by product, category, or manufacturer. They also take custom requests via their customer service email.

It’s not easy to keep that many SKUs straight in a warehouse, but IN-SYNCH connects easily to Bandages Plus’ ERP system and e-commerce site, keeping everyone in the loop regarding orders, shipping, and inventory.

Novo Surgical

Novo Surgical already has experience streamlining supply chain. By cutting out the middleman in the surgical instrument manufacturing and purchasing processes and directly sourcing from manufacturers, Novo Surgical empowers the instrument manufacturers to make a better margin while passing additional cost savings on to end users. They’re known for creating custom instruments and adding new items to their lines, so customers won’t have to shop around to find it.

To run such a tight ship, Novo Surgical needs to keep all its product lines—old, new, and custom—organized in its system so that a surgeon isn’t caught without the tools needed to complete a life-saving surgery. Using IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting, Novo Surgical can connect information from their online Magento store to their Sage 100 ERP, keeping information and its surgical instruments going exactly where they need to go, exactly when they need to get there.

Health and Wealth with IN-SYNCH

If you’re thinking it’s time to take a look at IN-SYNCH for yourself, you’re probably right. Maximize your software investments and simplify your business with IN-SYNCH’s integration and customization. Find out how. Contact ROI Consulting online or call us at 402-934-2223, ext. 1.