By Ruth Richter • May 02, 2018

Blog|Newly Released: IN-SYNCH Enhancements

IN-SYNCH enhancementsWith the release of Sage 100cloud, ROI Consulting has seen more and more of our customers upgrading their Sage systems to 2018.

Sage 100 2018 Updates

Sage 100/100cloud 2018 arrived late last year. This release included the following enhancements for accounting, inventory and more.

  • Accounting:
    Sage 100 users can now add improvements to their system that support compliance. Sage has made data entry more efficient and made it easier to manage warehouse information. Improvements were also added to save time and money on barcode scanning and tethering.
  • JobCost 2.0
    This new enhancement allows customers to manage deferred revenue and expenses and improve performance and usability.
  • Payroll 2.0
    Payroll processing is now simplified and provides customers with better business intelligence and reporting.
  • Interactive Warehouse
    Sage 100cloud now offers the ability to determine active vs. inactive warehouses in real time.
  • Spell Check

This new enhancement for Sage 100cloud users provides spell check for their documents in several areas including: comments, memos, and messages that print on forms.

If you are using the IN-SYNCH application, you’ll have yet another incentive to upgrade your Sage 100 system: IN-SYNCH enhancements.

IN-SYNCH 2018 Brand-New Features

IN-SYNCH already comes with extreme flexibility to meet a plethora of integration needs. Our newest features include:

  • More Interactive Inbound Processing: Now, inbound processing is even more user-interactive with rejections from your Sage 100 system. Any rejections from Sage that occur during the inbound process will be tracked in the IN-SYNCH activity log. Users can choose to leave the record in the queue to retry or delete the rejected activity. Notifications will include a description of the issue along with the rejection message from Sage. IN-SYNCH logs all of these messages as well as the selected next step.
  • Connection and Rejection Notifications: Now, receive email notifications for any connection issues or rejections. These notices can be logged and sent to a designated email address to alert a user of the synchronization issue so that next steps can be taken.
  • Options for Running IN-SYNCH Manager: Choose whether you want the IN-SYNCH manager to run both inbound and outbound simultaneously or separately.

Getting the Upgrade

Curious how you can receive the new upgrade with these great new features? All ROI customers who plan to upgrade to Sage 2018 versions will have access to the newest IN-SYNCH updates. Customers upgrading from the 4.x versions or earlier will need to have their solution remapped, a 3-4 hour project. Upgrades from the 201x versions are quick and easy to apply; although, if you are running a customized version of IN-SYNCH, ROI may need to provide additional programming to upgrade you to the newest version.

Ready to upgrade? Please send a message to Lorie Still at and she will get you on the schedule!