By Ruth Richter • September 27, 2018

Blog|New Integration Projects? Check with us first!

Sage 100 integrationAt ROI Consulting, we pride ourselves on our versatility when it comes to Sage 100cloud integration. Our customers keep returning to ROI for new solutions because, with more than 20 years of Sage data integration experience, ROI can handle just about any type of integration need. Today, we provide a wide range of integration solutions that will make your life easier and your business run smoother.

Because we’ve found that a handful of customers did not realize how versatile their IN-SYNCH solution was when a new project was initiated, I wrote this blog to make sure our customers are aware that they possess a powerful integration module that can handle an unlimited number of integrations. We’d like to illustrate that while there are others in our market space who say they can perform Sage 100 integrations, we’ve seen enough failed projects that we feel we need to get a “Buyer Beware” message to our customers so that you do not go through the expense and headache that these customer’s endured.

Final Draft

Screenwriters rejoiced when they discovered Final Draft, a dedicated screenwriting software that automatically formats a script to Hollywood industry standards. Only five years after it launched, Final Draft was already the designated industry standard for screenwriting, and in 2013 won the prestigious Primetime Emmy Engineering Award.

Acquired by Cast & Crew Entertainment Services—which was itself later acquired by Silver Lake Partners—Final Draft has had the opportunity to be part of a larger platform supporting production workflow and automating many manual processes. The entire product suite works seamlessly to connect scripts to videos and other assets.

Final Draft’s original integration project was a custom solution several years ago. When they launched their new Magento website around 2015, they were also sold another integration solution called eBridge. The Magento project was a great success but they found themselves desperate to find an integration solution that worked as well as their IN-SYNCH solution. At the end of 2015 they contacted ROI to learn that we have been integrating with Magento since 2009. Immediately, Final Draft removed the eBridge solution that never did work correctly, ROI performed the integration using IN-SYNCH, and the rest is history!

Altrua HealthShare

Not every person has access to healthcare through their job. That was what drove Altrua HealthShare. Membership and this faith-based healthcare sharing ministry enables users to enjoy lower cost healthcare while avoiding higher insurance premiums, all while meeting federal requirements of being part of a healthcare plan.

Altrua was already using IN-SYNCH for internal integration needs with their Sage, but when they selected the Shopify ecommerce platform, they were (mis-)guided to the Nchannel solution. However, after seven months and still trying to make this new integration work, Altrua contracted ROI Consulting to see if we could help and we could! The failed solution implementation was cancelled and within a few short weeks, the project was complete.


Founded twenty-five years ago by veterinarians, Leedstone is a family-owned supplier dedicated to partnering with dairy and beef farms to help care for their animals. Through Leedstone, farmers can get same-day-ship access to medical supplies, standard equipment, and health care products for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, and even household pets.

As Leedstone dug into ecommerce, they began with ROI’s IN-SYNCH solution for their Magento integration.  Later, when they began selling on Amazon, it was recommended they deploy an aggregator and the eBridge integration solution to integrate multiple Amazon accounts. Not only did the ongoing costs become a concern for Leedstone, but the solution was difficult for managing and reconciliation. Fortunately, after contacting ROI for advice, we were able to use the IN-SYNCH solution to quickly and easily handle the multiple integrations directly with their Sage ERP. This simple solution to a complex problem made their business easier and more effective.

Don’t Forget ROI Consulting

The moral to the story? Don’t assume you need to search elsewhere for your next integration project! With our significant portfolio of Sage 100 integrations and countless solutions, ROI was and still is the perfect partner to solve all your current and future ecommerce integration needs. Give us a call today!.